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Aug 4, 2011 10:50 AM

Bad Albert's--RIP and Post-Mortem

I noticed yesterday that this venerable (18 years) place is closed and for sale. There is an explanatory note on the door, noting the owner's health problems as a contributing cause.

I really enjoyed Bad Albert's. Their Friday night prime rib dinners were always great, and their pubfood menu was consistently good. I probably had everything on the menu, and they didn't fumble anything, ever. The servers were well-trained and friendly. The only complaint I ever had about the place was the uncomfortable high stools at the tall tables. This was the way, IMO, that neighborhood places ought to be, food-, drink-, and atmo-wise.

The owner once shared with me his recipe for Biscuits & Crab Gravy, a delightful preparation, that I regularly make for brunches and out-of-towners. I'll always remember the owner's generosity in this regard, as well as many, many fine meals at Bad Albert's.

Get Well Soon, RIP Bad Albert's, and Thanks!


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  1. They closed about a month ago. It was one hell of a send-off party. I'll miss it too.

    1. Hi Hounds, we've split the recipe parts to Home Cooking here:

      1. i'll miss Bad Albert's too. The servers were always wonderful, and I always enjoyed the food. I was impressed that they had such tasty vegetarian options. Their Hippie Burger was an awesome, comfort-foody treat. I heard about the owner's health troubles and hope he is doing well.