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Aug 4, 2011 10:47 AM

Victory 44 Recent Hits/Misses?

Planning on taking some family in from out of town to Victory 44 this weekend. Has anyone been recently and have some suggestions for must tries or things to avoid? We haven't been there in a few months. Thanks!

Victory 44
2203 44th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN

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  1. Went in a few Saturdays ago.

    DO NOT miss the bone marrow. Absolutely over the top awesome. You get a good sized roasted bone, split, with a few toasts and various accompaniments. Beware that this thing sells out fast (I got the last one for the day and it was before 5pm).

    I also got the chicken and biscuits, which I wanted to be heavenly, but ended up being rather pedestrian. Not bad by any means, just not nearly as good as I expected.

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    1. re: BigE

      BigE stole my thunder. The bone marrow is rock star good. Was in two days ago, had their version of a bahn mi also, good not great, still prefer the 'perfect burger' which is pretty *expletive* tasty.
      Had the lengua tacos about a week ago that were solid as well.

      (Side note: I get a coffee shop to study at and I can order food worth salivating over, it's my nirvana, too bad ordering the charcuterie for one looks so gluttonous)

      1. re: BigE

        ohhhh i wish i saw your reply first! I just went there today. Had the reuben. It was good .. like standard good but not that fantastic.

        What are other accompaniments with bone marrow? Can this be a meal or just an app? I think I will have to go back again next week for the bone marrow.

        1. re: moomon

          The marrow is incredibly rich. I would consider it an app to share. It comes with a couple toasts, some pickled veg and a bacon marmalade.


      2. Their soup is consistently excellent. They are doing a lot of chilled soups this summer. If bone marrow is on the menu, certainly order that. If you are looking for something more entree like, the Korean BBQ is very good. Basically fancy lettuce wraps with crispy pork. Good for sharing, too.

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        1. re: kevin47

          DO NOT MISS THE COFFEE SHOP! It is one of the few places that serves coffee at the proper temperature! (Usually, it is way too hot.)

          I'm not a fan of flavored coffee drinks, but since they're making all their own syrups, I figured I'd give it a shot. And since I'm crazy, I went for the "Barista's Choice" - I had a good chat with the barista, about what I like, what I don't, and he went over to the restaurant side, got some of the syrup for their honey-ginger soda, and added that, some cocoa, and cayenne pepper to a cappuchino, going for a Mole type of flavoring. It was amazing!!

          Their Ice Creamed Cold Press is also a hit on a hot summer day.

          Also, they will serve the entire restaurant menu in the coffee shop - but you cannot bring alcohol into the coffee shop side.

          Starting later this week, they'll be serving breakfast in the coffee shopIn the morning, through mid-day they will be serving breakfast. Before the remodel, I had the eggwich a few times. Their housemade biscuits are awesome (although overwhelmed by the honey if you order a biscuit and honey) with an egg, cheese, and their housemade sausage, you have one of the best breakfast sandwiches in town.

          1. re: Danny

            They serve Dogwood if memory serves me correctly?

            1. re: astadtler

              Yes, the coffee is from Dogwood.

              Also, it looks like next weekend will be the debut of breakfast - but the menu is up on the chalkboard.

        2. Went last night for the first time. Had the bone marrow, devils on horseback, then the gf had the burger and I had the bahn mi. Everything was awesome! The bone marrow was amazing and such a deal for $10. What a great take on bahn mi too. Everything was wonderful. Everything was so well thought out and the balance of each dish was incredible. I would recommend this place to anyone.

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          1. re: Alsama

            the pork shrimp banh mi was incredible. Chicken and biscuits was very good as well.

            Only disappointing item i have had was the hangar steak.

          2. The reuben is a miss, it used to be great. Somehow they replaced the sauerkraut with red cabbage, dry...and not much flavor. Also had it tasting menu all were good some great.

            1. Just went tonight. The newborn slept through all three courses. Win.

              The hamachi sashimi was a great start. I've had a couple of takes on the frozen avocado puree. This is the only one that delivers.

              The bone marrow is, indeed, fantastic. I had tried this on a previous iteration and remembered it being solid. This version kills it. This one came with pickled cherries, of all things. I recommend sharing.

              Also brilliant was the play on ants on a log. Compressed celery on a peanut butter cheesecake is not something you'd think of, but wow does it work.