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Aug 4, 2011 10:35 AM

Drop the milk or we'll shoot!

Rawsome, a Venice CA health food market was raided by law enforcement for selling "unpasteurized" dairy products.

We don't make very hardened criminal out here in La La land. But we make really really health conscious ones, that's for damn sure (France we ain't).

Read all about it here:

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  1. irregardless of the debate on raw milk versus anything else.....thats another debate entirely
    it is legal to sell raw milk as far as i understand...all he needed was a permit....
    if he didnt want to pay the correct fees and follow the law ..then sure.. arrest them...

    and if u dont like the laws...then get yourself elected and change them...
    or vote for someone who will....

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    1. re: srsone

      Ding. I'm a supporter of raw milk, but I'm not a supporter of people who ignore (reasonable) laws. Also, that whole "we're not a retailer" nonsense made them look real bad (to me). As for hardened criminals, they have a separate department for that. They're doing their job and the ones on this case were also doing their job.

    2. Who knew that "Big Dairy" was so powerful.

      I do especially like that they had a recent health scare attributed to turkey meat.

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      1. re: ocshooter

        I don't know about you but I, for one, will sleep better tonight knowing this dangerous gang has been taken off the mean streets of Venice! ;-D>

      2. I don't know -- it would be one thing if the complaint was that the state was unreasonably refusing to allow the sale of raw milk. But what we have here is raw milk producers who -- to judge from the same story we are using to condemn th action -- the people arrested have been operating their business without any business license of any kind, and without the necessary permits. Make fun of the cops all you want, but if you want to further the cause of raw milk, you want the raw milk producers to get all the proper licences.

        More fundamentally, I think we should recognize that one of the more important things that government can do is to ensure clean and healthy food. Maybe this raid was over the top; it sure seems like it. Maybe it is connected to nefarious anti-raw milk forces. But maybe these guys should just have gotten their business permits like all othe rlegit businesses.

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        1. re: Capybara

          Based on the comments on the LA Times, they were selling "organic eggs and chickens" that werent.

          While I've loved the raw milk I got from a Watsonville farm, I heartily agree that licensing is to protect our health. And reputable sourcing is critical.

        2. For consumers of raw milk, you will be happy to know that there is a vendor at the Saturday Pasadena farmers' market (Dey Dey's Best Beef Ever), which is licensed to sell raw milk products. They just started carrying them about two weeks ago. I wasn't interested, so I'm not sure how many different products they have. But it is raw milk, and it comes from a licensed facility.

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            I get mine from Organic Pastures in Glendale on Saturdays from 10-2... 3040 Rosslyn Street
            Los Angeles, CA


            While I find it ridiculous the gov't wastes so much time and money on this, they should indeed have had the correct permits. Of course, sometimes the gov't makes it impossible for smaller farmers to get or afford the correct permits... Big Dairy is real and is doing its best to shut down raw milk farmers.

            1. re: Tom P

              This is true. For their part, consumers, producers and retailers (as well as would-be consumers, producers and retailers) need to lobby and work for legislative solutions, just like Big Dairy does. Sure, it's harder for them, but not impossible.

          2. Welcome to the Nanny State.

            Your government intends to control every facet of your lives.

            Or else.