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I need some decent watermelon today or tomorrow

I can't find any red watermelon. I usually shop at Russo's but theirs looked so pale and anemic, as did the local supermarkets. They emit no scent at all so they are probably tasteless.

I'm making a watermelon and feta salad on Saturday for a bbq and don't want to show up with pale melon. Prefer pre-cut so I can see it, don't want to risk buying a whole one.

Has anyone seen any good watermelon in the Watertown area?

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  1. I bought a good (whole) one at Market Basket a couple weeks ago. They have it in quarters, I believe for $0.39/lb this week.

    1. you're right, anemic is a good description. no decent watermelon this season that I've found. you may have to rethink your plans ;(

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        I've found decent watermelons all over the place, but a few more misses than usual. I never buy cut watermelon, so always take my chances...


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          Right. Same here - hit or miss. Usually try to find the ones with the biggest "bald" spot which I think indicates longer time on the vine in the field. If it has a sturdy but slightly drum-like thunk sound, it's usually decent.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            yep, bald spot, thud and smell: if all three are looking good, it's rare to have a complete dud.


      2. Wilson's Farm in Lexington near the Belmont line. Everything here is great.

        1. I got a great cut piece at the Whole Foods in Brighton. Bright, firm and sweet.

          1. ive set a personal record for watermelon consumption this year- cant get enough of it- havent found much correlation between color and sweetness- better luck with full size melons vs "personal" size- just had a killer cantalope too- all from market basket.

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              Got a killer crenshaw at Arax. Their melons rock.

            2. Trust your instincts on that Russo's watermelon -- I recently bought a whole one there that was so bad I had to throw it out -- and I NEVER throw food out.

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                Curious to know how it was bad. Felt that way about one recently, but it was also partly my fault for leaving it on the counter for two days in the heat.

                Also, considered bringing mine back - ever try that there?

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Almost no flavor at all. I'll eat bland watermelon, but this was just beyond bland. I did leave it on the counter for a couple of days, so maybe that's my fault. Do they get blander if you leave them out? It seems like it would go the other way.

                  Anyway, I took it on vacation and didn't cut into it until I was out of town, so taking it back wasn't really an option. I may have tried otherwise, though I've never returned anything to Russo's before.

              2. Thanks for all the tips. I'll swing by Whole Foods and Wilsons, those are the two closest to me. Hopefully I can find something red and sweet.

                1. In all my life I have never had a bad watermelon until this year. Bought a round one and left it on the counter in an airconditioned kitchen. The next day it EXPLODED. I'd never heard or witnessed such a thing. Admittedly, I usually by a half or 1/4 oblong cut piece. I could see a whole melon exploding out in the fields during a heat wave, but in a cool kitchen with no one messing with it?

                  1. I've got to agree with the Whole Foods rec. I got one at Star Mkt that was horrible...threw it out. I've gotten 2 at Whole Foods in the last week that have been really good.

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                      good luck with Market Basket whole watermelons. 4.99 each

                      1. re: momoftwo

                        Yeah, the one I got a couple weeks ago from MB was excellent. The watermelon quarters are only $0.39/lb this week, which means you're only paying a very small premium to get a peek at what you're buying (only $1 more for a 15lb watermelon).