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Aug 4, 2011 10:12 AM

Downey's on South Street - closing

My husband and I watched the "Bar Rescue" episode where they went in to Downey's on South Street to "rescue" the place and I literally gagged at the conditions they uncovered in the kitchen and at the bar (see article if you didn’t see the episode, it was truly disgusting)

My step-son had taken my daughter and his girlfriend to eat there last summer, after a day at the Philadelphia zoo… I remember them being disappointed with the food, but had no idea that their was prepared in such a deplorable kitchen (even dangerous)

Well, for all the renovation and clean up that Bar Rescue managed to do, the current incarnation of Downey’s is going under

Anyone else remember “back in the day” when Downey’s was good? (or is it just my brain just revising history? I could swear I remember having good meals, drinks and fun times at Downey’s long-long ago)

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  1. The renovations didn't help the $125,000 is back taxes they owe to the city and apparently millions they owe to Wells Fargo.

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      It was supposed to be up for sheriff's sale Aug 2, but it has been postponed til October sometime. Do not know if that means it will survive or not.

      Downey's and what is now the Dark Horse used to be good places to get English Pub food. And good places to watch rugby and football matches.

    2. Downey bought the restaurant from me in 1976. and it was spotless then. I was first called Relax with Lax ( my parents luncheonette) then named the view from the Trough my restaurant. When he bought the property he renovated removed many of the art deco and converted a kosher kitchen to an Irish kitchen. I feel very bad that this place closed but it had it's run.

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        When did it actually close? As of like a week ago it was definitely still open... did a little googling and coming up empty.

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          It closed back in 2011/2012 and reopened maybe six months later. The OP is old

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            Right but the person who bumped it noted it closed, see LeahLax2526's post

      2. Downey's was a heck of a place in the late 70's and early 80s. Good bar, lots of local celebs (Downey had been a big shot at Channel 10), and, at least for a while, jazz upstairs. Jack Downey was a charming guy and a nice presence. I enjoyed the place a lot.

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          It was very good. I don't remember the particulars but remember enjoying it a lot way back when my ex & I liked each other...

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            They used to have pretty good Jazz there. And a jacket was required !!!