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Mar 22, 2006 03:29 PM


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have been looking for Vickmans Rum Cakes for years. My wife grew up on Vickmans Rum Cakes and would love to get her one for her birthday. Last I had found about 8 years ago L.A.'s Best Bakery was making Vickmans Rum Cakes but they have stopped making the, If anyone out there knows where I can purchase a Vickmans Rum Cake or get the receipe please let me now.

      1. re: tprrumcake

        you mentioned, L.A.'s Best Bakery, was this on Valley blvd. in Alhambra

      2. I loved them as well...and I would be interested! Thank You!

        1. re: TravelPath

          Vickmans Rum Cakes were Moist multiple layered cakes with custard and cocoa in the center with a light taste of rum. Covered in the best icing I have ever tasted light not overly sweey frosting, This cake is so light it melts in your mouth and leaves an impression on you, you can not forget.

      3. Could you please describe what is a Vickmans rum cake? I have had rum cakes that were 1/2 yellow & chocolate cake with a fruit filling in-between the cake layers and a light chocolate frosting with sprinkles on top. I also have add rum cakes with a custardy filling.

        1. I'm interested, too. I used to work downtown, many a moon ago, and Vickman's was the best. Every birthday, every event, a Vickman's cake, and sometimes rum cake, was brought in. Nothing like it.

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            I dearly miss the Chocolate Rum Torte from Sarno's Bakery? Has anyone had both the Sarno's Chocolate Rum Torte and Vickman's rum cake? Were they similar? If so, I would be very interested in trying the Vickman's rum cake.

          2. I hear Claro's Italian Market in San Gabriel does a great rum cake. I almost picked one up on saturday, but it lost out to some cannoli and sfogliatelle. I'm not sure what a Vickman Bakery rum cake is like, but might Claro's do?

            Claro's Italian Market
            1003 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA

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              thank's, will pass this on to my family in L.A. . Cant make this trip myself, live out of state. 40 yrs ago, my mom use to buy vickmans rum cake on 8th st. down town L.A. . this cake left a taste on the palet that one can't and will never forget. amazing!

              1. re: dahlia mayer

                Claro's is an old school Italian market. Their four locations are located in the general San Gabriel Valley area. Don't know if this is at all within reach of your family, but here's Claro's website for them to check out the locations: