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Aug 4, 2011 09:01 AM

restaurants in Troy??

i'm moving to Troy for school and the food at RPI is really suckish...are there any good places around Troy that i could go? thanks so much!

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  1. Price range? Type of food?

    Lots of posts on Troy. This will get you started:

    Search is your friend :)

    1. Walking distance from the RPI campus: Ali Baba . Really excellent Turkish.

      Ali Baba's
      297 N Central Ave Ste 1, Valley Stream, NY 11580

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      1. re: PSZaas

        i forgot to mention, i'm also vegetarian. that narrows things down a little bit. i eat eggs and dairy, i don't even mind chicken stock in my soup or something, i'm not a vegan, but no outright chunks of meat.

        1. re: Dharini Adhvaryu

          Ali Baba has several vegetarian entrees and pizzas. Another good place in Troy to get vegetarian, but further from RPI, is First Choice Jamaican restaurant. Try the Ital Stew.

          451 Fulton Street
          Troy, NY 12180
          (518) 272-4544

          Muza Polish restaurant is great and also has vegetarian choices like pierogies, potato pancakes and spinach crepes.

          1300 15th St.
          Troy, NY 12180
          518-271-MUZA (6892)

          Also, the address for Ali Baba that came up in the post above is not correct. The correct address is:

          2243 15th Street
          Troy, NY 12180
          (518) 273-2222

          1. re: AmyH

            Also, I understand they're opening a Moe's right by campus. You can get a tofu or plain bean burrito or a quesadilla there.

      2. I remember the food at the student union being not so bad. Then again, the majority of my calories came from Gino's pizza in downtown Troy. I also recall there being a natural foods store in the vicinity. The stuff from the pork store was good, but that doesn't help here. Only sitdown place that I remember fondly was this Indian place somewhere in the downtown area. Oh, and all the bars there are lousy.