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Heirloom Tomatoes?

Does anyone know of a place to buy heirloom tomatoes? Not the plants, just the tomatoes

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  1. They always have at least a few varieties at the Red Bank farmer's market Sunday mornings at the Galleria. I love the ones that look like mini watermelons.

    1. It would be helpful to know which area of NJ you are in, but that said...

      Delicious Orchards, in Colts Neck, usually has an excellent selection of heirlooms. I shop almost daily at the Wegmans, in Manalapan. They do carry them, but there are none there right now.


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        Good point! I'm in Middlesex county. But I'll travel for a good selection/quality

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          Whole earth in princeton has a nice selection. I just picked some up yesterday, the regular sized tomatoes and the cherry sized tomatoes. What a treat!

      2. I picked up several at Sickles Market in Little Silver yesterday. Had my first official mater sammich of the year!

        Sickles Market
        1 Harrison Avenue, Little Silver, NJ 07739

        1. I agree that you should be able to find them at pretty much any of the local Farmers' Markets around the State. Here's a list including some in both Middlesex and Monmouth Counties: http://www.farmersmarketonline.com/fm...

          In Southern Monmouth, the day to day selection at Matt's Farm Market in Belmar is the quite good.

          1. They are readily available at the Farmer's Markets in Morris County, so surely they must have them in Middlesex County.

            I got a gorgeous one from my CSA (first of the season), and boy was it yummy. Sort of green and stripey on the outside, deep purple color on the inside. Caprese salad with homemade mozzarella. To die for.

            1. Crane Farm in Basking Ridge on Maple Ave grows their own heirlooms and sells them at their stand

              1. Following up on my earlier post, Wegmans, in Manalapan, now has heirlooms @$3.99/lb. The Wegmans in Woodbridge, which I presume would be closer to you (Middlesex County), is probably carrying them as well.


                1. The Clayton Family Farm stand, on Rt. 537 in Freehold Twp. (so, only a few miles south of Middlesex County), now has their heirloom tomatoes for sale, http://www.claytonfamilyfarm.com/ I think they were $3/lb. with quite a few different varieties (half dozen at least) when I stopped by yesterday for corn.

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                    Mega-thanks for posting about the Clayton Family Farm. I didn't know about it before. (I'd never traveled west on 537 past the hospital.) I went on Friday. Oh, my! So many varieties to choose from -- I think a dozen. Many more than at Delicious Orchards. I bought several types, and they were truly fabulous! Superior to any I've ever gotten at D.O., as well. We devoured them, so I went back yesterday to get some more, this time with camera in hand.

                    Heirloom Tomato photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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                      Was at the Clayton Farm earlier today. Their heirlooms are pretty much done for the season. :( I was told this was due to the torrential rains we've had the past few days.


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                        That seems odd. The heavy rains have prevented fruit from ripening, but there should still be a month left to the season, especially if the weather stays as warm as it is today.

                        I am still seeing them at various farmers' markets. My plants all have fruit on them though they will need a week or so without much rain to ripen properly. You may want to check back with them in week or so.

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                          There were wonderful heirlooms at the Hawthorne farmers market today. Summer goes too fast!

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                            OK. I give. I'm pretty sure my season is done now too. At least I can fry the green ones!

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                            I am surprised that there are none left unless it is a result of damage. I was at Matt's yesterday (Sat 8/20) and they did not have any heirlooms. When I asked, they told me the rains prevented them from picking their heirloom tomatoes but that they expected to have them back again later in the week. I hope so. Last week they had some "San Marzano" tomatoes which were unbelievable roasted with a touch of olive oil and basil.

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                              Was at Sickles Market today, and they did have heirlooms, though some of the larger ones had some cracking on the stem ends due to excessive rain. Pretty much just a cosmetic issue though.

                              Am currently going through another round of T-storms, though the rest of the week appears forcasted to be warm and dry.

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                                I trekked to Sickles yesterday. Wow! Their heirlooms are VERY expensive! $5.99/lb. That's double the cost at the Clayton Farm and $2 more than Delicious Orchards and Wegmans.

                                I hadn't been to Sickles in ages and looking around, I thought all their prices were ridiculously high. Made D.O., which is hardly inexpensive, look cheap by comparison.

                                Btw, Battleview has the best price around for regular tomatoes (their own) -- $.99/lb.


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                                  I've been buying my heirlooms at Sickles for several weeks at $3.99. May have to find an alternate late season source...

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                                    What about Dearborn Farms in Holmdel on Rt 35 at Union Avenue ? I don't know if they have any heirloom tomatoes or the asking price if they do, but might be worth a phone call if you are still looking for them. Just a thought.....

                      2. You might want to check out the farm market at The Griggstown Quail Farm in the southern part of Franklin Township. For the past two weeks, when I went to their CSA for my weekly allotment, I was given some big beautiful Heirloom tomatoes, along with lots of "conventional" tomatoes and other produce.

                        I can't guarantee that the farm market will have the same items as are given to the CSA members, but the items are frequently the same. And...the quality is superb!

                        Griggstown Quail Farm
                        986 Canal Rd, Princeton, NJ

                        1. Try to find some Black Russian tomatoes. We grow them and love them! Great heirloom breed.

                          1. Princeton Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings near the train station - I can't recall the name of the stand - but last weekend they had great heirloom tomatoes and were selling them 3 for $5 or something like that, which I think is a terrific deal. They were delicious.

                            1. I've seen them at Hauser Hill Farms on Ticetown Road in Old Bridge.

                              1. Rutger's Gardens is having a Tomato tasting on August 31 starting at 3pm. They are having heirloom tomatoes for tasting. I believe they will be selling them, as well. You might want to call them and be sure they are selling them before you go. I have an address, but not a phone number or website address.

                                Rutgers Gardens
                                140 Locust Grove Road
                                Pittstown, NJ

                                Rutgers Garden
                                112 Ryders Ln, New Brunswick, NJ

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                                  Applecheeks, I posted some additional information about the Tomato Tasting here:


                                  I honestly don't know if tomatoes are sold at this event but you can definitely have a great time tasting dozens of varieties. Lots of other stuff going on too. Go early!

                                2. I was at the Dvoor Farm farmers' market in Flemington yesterday and two vendors had a decent supply of big, juicy, tasty heirloom tomatoes.