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Aug 4, 2011 07:36 AM

Brioso Biltmore Town Center

It looks new and very reasonably priced

Anybody been

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  1. There's one in Greenville. Don't get your hopes up.

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    1. re: danna

      somehow I missed this post. what didn't you like about it? it's an interesting concept and I might try it once, but curious of your take on it.

      1. re: Scirocco

        I can't give you specifics. My husband went for lunch, said it was awful, and warned me away. Sorry. I did stop by and get some of their "housemade" pasta to go. It was not bad, but kinda gummy/heavy...although that may not be a fair assessment since I ordered whole wheat, which tends to do that. Nowhere near as good as the fresh pasta we get at the City Market on charlotte st.

        If you try it and think the husband is full of it, let me know! i have a friend who works there, so I'd be willing to give it a shot if I heard a good report ;-)

        1. re: danna

          hmm...I would think take out pasta would not travel well? We would likely eat in and that may make a difference. I swear I could eat pasta every day of my life. I eat it anyway I can - make it myself, buy it fresh and cook it at home or use the dried/boxed. I'll give it try and see how it measures up to those options.

          hmmm....just saw their FB page and it says you can bring your dog to the A'ville location if you sit on the patio. nice!

          1. re: Scirocco

            no, I mean they had fresh frozen pasta to take home and cook yourself. Do you ever buy pasta from the lady at the city market? If's an have to go get some this weekend!!!!

            1. re: danna


              No, I never get to the city market because I can't get myself dressed like an adult and out the door in time. My husband and I aren't "morning people". Sadly, I can barely get to the Mills River one A MILE from my house on Saturday mornings! that's why I like the farmer's market at Biltmore Park Town Square (or whatever the hell it's called) - Wed 2 - 6pm - I can manage that!! LOL But, they don't have the pasta lady.

              I would like to go to the city market some time though. The fresh pasta is very tempting...not this weekend though - mega wine tasting at Adventues in Wine and Beer on Saturday. We ALWAYS go to those! :)

              1. re: Scirocco

                OK. You need to pull yourself together. I'm waking up in G'ville, driving to Bent Creek, riding for 3 hours and still making it to the City market before 1:00. (full disclosure...when we get there right before closing, she is often out of cut pasta)

                She has a millino varieties of cut pasta: from spaghetti to pappardelle. The last I tried was sesame and cilantro (or something like that). REd pepper, squid ink, basil, black pepper, shitake, saffron, you name it. The ravilois are things like shrimp and butterbean, spinach and bacon, gorgonzola and pancetta, short rib...are you getting the idea? $1 per serving on cut, i forget exactly on the ravioli, but there's a deal if you buy 3 packs.

                Maybe you should get a hotel room nearby ;-)

                where/what is Adventures in Wine and Beer?

                1. re: danna

                  hahhaha, believe me, I know. On occasion, I do manage to get up early and go hiking before it gets too hot. :) That pasta sounds amazing. I really MUST make the effort. I have a good friend (new to mtn biking) who rides every Sat. at Bent Creek. Maybe i can send him!! haha

                  Adventures in Wine and Beer is a local h'ville shop off Four Seaons, behind Taco Bell. Great guy and good selection. His prices are usually as good or better than grocery stores and a zillion times more interesting variety. He does these mega FREE tastings about every other month. 25 wines to taste for free (best to have a DD - God bless my husband!). runs from 1 - 5pm this Sat. (8/13). We always go. It's fun. And the bottles he chooses for the tastings are very reasonably priced. Usually less than $15.

                  1. re: danna

                    Score!! just got back from the Wed. afternoon market at Biltmore Town Whatever and the pasta lady was there!! said she will be there every other Wed. afternoon through last Wed. in Oct. starting today. She also said if you call ahead for the Sat. City Market, she will hold stuff for you. good to know.

                    1. re: Scirocco

                      My freezer is currently stocked with her pasta. Made it to the City Market last weekend, and really looking forward to trying everything I picked up.

      2. We recently tried the one in Anderson. I wouldn't want my dog eating this stuff. Pasta very gummy and I can't remember what I had but definitely microwaved to within an inch of its life. And the whole concept of ordering and paying before you sit down is strange. We gave them another chance after eating at the original in Clemson - Save your money. Life's to short to eat bad food !

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        1. re: jazzman1

          At 12 Bones you order and pay before you sit down. Ditto to a number of other restaurants I can think of in Asheville.

        2. Ok, well I just got back from trying the one at Biltmore Park Town Square (could they make that name any longer??) and I actually thought it was pretty good. Went with a friend to the farmer's market, then hit up Travinia for a $5 martini on the patio, then the pasta.

          Don't know if it's because they are still very new and have their best foot forward or what, but I enjoyed what i had. Maybe it was the pre-pasta drink I had? ;-) Supposedly, they make the pasta fresh several times per day (the long pastas are made every hour). The machines are right there in the open so you could see them making it if you were there long enough.

          I got the spinach tagliatelle with the wild mushroom cream sauce ($9-something total). Was very close to ordering the butternut squash ravioli, but wanted to try something plainer to get the texture and taste of the pasta. The pasta had good spinach flavor and for the most part was cooked al dente. The sauce was good, mushrooms tasty. It did benefit from some added parmesan (that or a little salt would've worked). Service was friendly and attentive. Atmosphere is very nice. They have a cool (dog friendly) patio outside. Might be in the sun at lunchtime, but was in the shade mid-afternoon.

          It was dead at 4:30, but that's to be expected. It's a little weird to order and pay up front and then get table service, but I'm ok with it. Also, they do tip sharing which I'm not a fan of.

          Is it a destination place? Nah, not really - it's more of a nice choice while you're already wandering around. But, I'd go back if I was "out and about". Would like to try a couple other things they had.