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Aug 4, 2011 07:08 AM

Wild blueberry season in Mid Coast Maine

Can any of the local Mainers tell me if wild blueberry season has arrived in coastal Maine?

I would like to time my next trip to the area so that it coincides with wild blueberry season, but even after searching this site and others, I'm still not sure exactly when wild blueberry season takes place. Based on what I've read, it seems like it might vary from year to year based on weather conditions and the specific location in the state. I'm assuming Downeast Maine gets the berries later in August than the southern coast near York or Portland, but please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Whenever I visit Maine, I usually spend most of my time along the Mid Coast, so I'm most interested in finding out from the locals of that area when the wild blueberries are expected. But I'd also like to hear from the locals residing along other parts of the coast, from York up to the Downeast region.

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  1. Also, how long does wild blueberry season usually last? 10 days? 2 weeks? Even longer than that? Thanks.

    1. Definitely going on now in the mid-coastal area. From Bucksport east, it appeared to me while driving yesterday that they expect to start picking next week

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        Cool, thanks!

        If the wild blueberries are in season right now along the Mid Coast, do you think they'll still be available in that area next weekend (8-10 days from now)? How about the weekend after that (weekend of August 19th-21st)?

        I don't mind driving further up the coast to the Downeast region to get the wild berries if I have to, but I'm concerned that if wild blueberry season has finished further south, I might not be able to get wild blueberry pies from some of my favorite places in those areas.

        Sorry for these very specific questions - it's just that as an out-of-stater who only gets to visit Maine a few times a year, I really want to time things right so that I can maximize what and where I eat during my visits. Also, it can be challenging because everything is so spread out!

        Thanks again.

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          I think it's likely that they'll be available the weekend of the 12th, but of course, the volume isn't as great in mid-coast area as downeast (where the major commercial flats are). Are you planning to pick yourself, or buy locally to freeze? I suspect you'll find them at most farmers' markets and similar outlets for several more weeks.

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            I'm probably just going to buy the berries at farmers' markets or roadside stands. There's actually a roadside stand in Arrowsic where I bought my wild blueberries last year, and hopefully the stand will be there again this year. The stand was located on the southeast corner of Route 127 South at Indian Rest Road, just before the bridge leading to Georgetown Island; it's about halfway between the city of Bath and Five Islands Lobster Co. in Georgetown. I actually stumbled on it by accident when I was on my way down to Five Islands for dinner.

            Anyway, the berries were of very good quality, which surprised me because wild blueberry season had apparently ended in that part of Maine at least a week or two beforehand. I'm not sure exactly when those berries were picked or if they originated in another part of the state (maybe Washington County/Downeast?), but as mentioned I thought they tasted very fresh.

            If I do decide to pick the berries myself, though, I'm pretty set on going all the way up to the Downeast region, since that's where all of the pick-your-own-berry wild blueberry farms seem to be located (correct me if I'm mistaken). I went to a wild blueberry farm a few years back called Hatch Knoll Farm in Jonesboro (Washington County) that was great; the only issue for me is that I don't know if I'll have enough time during my trip to make the long drive up the coast.

            Thanks again for the tips, I appreciate the help!

            Five Islands Lobster Co.
            1447 Five Islands Rd, Georgetown, ME 04548

      2. My parents live in Lewiston and were supposed to bring me down 30 pounds from a farm about a half hour away. They were supposed to be ready this week but when they called, the farm said it was a bad season weather-wise and they had a very low yield and were already out. This is the second straight year this has happened, I'm assuming it's the farm? Can anyone else speak to this?

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          Production is dependent on a number of variables, beginning with weather in the spring; conditions for pollination in late spring; rain during the growing season; etc., and many of these can be pretty specific to a particular location. This year, it was quite dry in July (although rains are coming now), so many berries didn't fatten as much as they might have. For farther east locations, the rains are coming a good time, just before harvest. I've also notice a larger number of "mummy berries' (berries that are white and shriveled, never developed) than usual on the plants I see regularly, which could have to do with pollination or rainfall.

        2. Bill's Blueberries in Lincolnville. Check on FB.

          1. Just getting started Downeast. Between too much rain, then too much dry, they had a slow start. Bought some last week that were tiny but delicious and am just starting to see them on the side of the road - along with a few derriere shots of early pickers.