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Aug 4, 2011 06:12 AM

Restaurant recommendations for north ga--Clayton & Dahlonega area?

Would appreciate recommendations for lunch in north ga...Clayton & Dahlonega area. Thanks!

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  1. We've been to the restaurant at the Montaluce Vineyard (called Le Vigne, IIRC) a couple of times and have been very impressed. The whole scene is a bit over the top (faux Italianate subdivision partially completed before the meltdown, CA-worthy winery complete with show-cask room and promo video projected on the wall downstairs) but the restaurant would be good even if you dropped it down in Atlanta. Prices are big city, too, but it's very good.

    Several other wineries are worth a visit, too. We're not talking Cakebread, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the product. Not every wine at every place is great, but each one tends to have one or two varieties that are nice. Wolf Mtn, Three Sisters, Frogtown, etc.

    1. we just went to a very good lunch/dinner spot in Chatsworth, its about 15 miles east of Dalton 0ff 75.Its called the Village Cafeteria and has excellent country cooking--great fried chiken,but a very varied menu, and lots of home cooked desserts--including chocolate cream pie.Its not a white table cloth place at all, but very good food for under 10 bucks. Not a foodie place

      1. We still think about the lunch we had at Smith house. Real Southern, fried chicken and all the sides, served at communal tables for a prix fixe price. Fantastic food and atmosphere.

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          yeah---forgot about Smith House--great food at reasonable prices--good suggestion

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            I disagree about Smith House. Had fond memories of going there as a child which did NOT live up to adult expectations. The ham was of the canned-ham variety, and all the vegetables appeared to be canned. The fried okra was the kind you buy frozen with the thick batter layer, not the lightly corn-meal-dusted kind I prefer. The fried chicken was OK, but they did not bring enough pieces to go around our communal table and we had to repeately ask for more.
            For Southern cooking in Dahlonega, I prefer Danny's on Route 60 just before you get to town from 400. NOT fancy, and not a huge number of choices, but very good.
            For something completely different than that, we just had lunch at Bourbon Street Grille on the square. It was really nice...good Louisiana style cooking. We sat on the porch (balcony really) and it was lovely. The shrimp and grits were really good.

        2. Any particular day or date?