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Aug 4, 2011 05:41 AM

Branch of French bakery chain in DC? Can't find the post...

Hello -
I could have sworn I saw a post the other day about a famous French bakery chain opening a spot in DC, but when i went back today, I couldn't find it. Can anyone point me int eh right direction?


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  1. Not sure of the post, but the bakery is probably Paul in Penn Quarter. Good baked goods and bread, but not worth it in my opinion for lunch or any coffee. I brought back home olive bread and some pastry when we went and they were lovely. Service was not great (they did not know the bread I wanted, gave me the wrong one, and then once I realized, did not know how to give me a refund....).

    1. It was a post about a new place opening in Union Station. Someone mentioned Pain Quotidien, then another mentioned Paul. I know Paul is opening a second location in Georgetown, but I haven't heard of them planning for Union Station.
      Try the salami sandwich at Paul next time. It's huge and simply delicious. They could do a better job on keeping their bread ultra-fresh though. That is the standard in France, and it should be here as well!! The service at that place is absolutely horrible. I don't understand why after so many weeks they still haven't figured out how to take orders and take money in a semi-organized way. I find it really annoying and I really want to love this place.

      1. Lyon Bakery has a stand at the little market outisde Union Station. I buy bread from them a couple of times a week.

        1. It's probably Paul Bakery. I had a wonderful chocolate almond croissant there yesterday. But service is definitely a bit scattered.