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Aug 3, 2011 09:25 PM

Water & Wine Restaurant or any other in the area

Going to meet up with some friends in the Watchung area. I came across a restaurant called Water & Wine in Watchung. Has anyone been?

We are open to any other suggestions for restaurants in that area of NJ.


Watchung Restaurant
19 Watchung Plz, Montclair, NJ 07042

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  1. Two others to consider are Uproot and Stone House at Stirling Ridge, both nearby.

    If you're looking for something different, try Silk Road, an Afghan restaurant that is also close.

    1. Never been to W&W, but it gets raves from my neice and her friends. I've been to Stone House twice, loved it both times.

      Stone House
      50 Stirling Road, Warren, NJ 07059

      1. Water & Wine....never again !!....imperious, "You need us, we don't need you" attitude
        parking attendent doesn't give you the option of parking your own car, it's they take it or you
        don't enter..........never again

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        1. re: LEOFONT

          Leo, relax. Did you ever think that because of the limited parking that it's probably a good idea to have valet, not only for that 'personal touch' but also efficiently parking cars at this busy restaurant (and in my case, I like valet as the possibility of my car getting dinged is reduced)? Some of our party had to ride ' around the block or the lake' in their case as there were 6 cars waiting to be parked and you being a 'local' should know, one can't park on that rural road that the restaurant sits on. Some folks just always seem to have a dark lining to a silver cloud.

        2. Dined here this past week for a client lunch. It is a bit on the pricey side, and while it was for lunch, I found the menu to be tantalizing and if I lived in the area, would welcome the opportunity of trying it for dinner for an occasion.

          I had the potato crusted snapper and while 'miniscule' in portion was delicious and somewhat typical of a lunch portion. I will normally order a fish entree, and this is as good as I've had of this fish. Delicate, done to perfection. Broccoli rabe with sausage side also terrific. Desserts were also quite good.

          Beautiful place, very attentive and knowlegable service, manager stopped by to make sure we were being taken care of, great views, nicely appointed bar with a seating area for having pre dinner cocktails while waiting for a table. A terrific restaurant that takes care of it's customers and delivers very well prepared food.

          Merry Christmas everyone.

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          1. re: JustJake

            In our case, the driver is handicapped and the handicapped spaces are closest to the entrance
   they still have to park the car ???

            1. re: LEOFONT

              What if both of the spots (assuming there were but 2) were occupied? - and that then you'd be resigned to parking in a spot that was available and much further away? Where I left my car (for the valet) was but 10 paces to the front door. Perhaps you feel that you have the privilege to drive right through the front door and exit your vehicle once you were physically inside the restaurant.

              Relax as this is much ado about nothing (i.e. Valet). There's far more important things to worry about in this life than this topic. I was just glad that the person taking my keys, looked to be far more responsible than that which I have found at other restaurants in NJ that had valet.

              1. re: JustJake

                I once went somewhere that had mandatory valet service. The youngish attendant looked at my car, and said, "Niiiice Mustang, man!" I had second thoughts and went elsewhere.

                The only other place we went to that had mandatory valet service was Elements in Princeton. Great restaurant, great service, and we were in my wife's minivan, so I didn't mind. :)

            2. re: JustJake

              Always enjoyed lunch; however, went for dinner for our anniversary and it was dreadful. Wrote a letter to the establishment and never received a reply, so tend to agree a little more with Leo.