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Best Pairing for a Gin Martini.

I mentioned to someone that I had a yen for a gin martini and a wonderful nibble. I say a crunchy clam cake, my husband says freshly made potato chips. What would you want to be your single pairing with that martini--imagine standing with friends in a backyard as the sun sets on the hot summer evening.

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  1. Always a big fan of honey-roasted peanuts. Freshly roasted ones seem to pair pretty well with almost any drink.

    1. Smoked fish. Great with ice-cold gin.

      1. There is only one perfect accompaniment to a well-constructed martini, and that is another.

        (Sorry if this may not be helpful, but I'm in that category of gin drinkers who has no interest in food while sipping his aperitif.)

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          Along the same lines, a cocktail onion.

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            Italian Antipasto, with plenty of cocktail onions. 2nd Choice is the fresh potato chips with lots of salt

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            MGZ: you took the words right out of my hands...

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              Totally with you. Food 20 minutes after I've drank it and let it build my appetite? Sure. Something with it? I can't even explain the entirety of why that doesn't make sense to me.

            2. I'd go with something cold (since it is hot) and easy to eat with the non-drink-holding hand. To me, a Martini goes great with steak.

              How about a nice small cracker, thin slice of seared (inside raw) beef, a crumb of bleu cheese, a dot of good olive oil, drop of lemon juice (unless the bleu is tangy), and a grating of lemon zest. Serve the martini with a twist to complement the lemon. Make it small enough to eat in one bite.

              I might experiment with infusing the oil with a juniper berry, but that might be too matchy-matchy. Or a leaf of oregano.

              I also like the idea of smoked white fish. Also pickled herring. (Had to catch myself to not spell it heering!)

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              1. A bunch of your favorite green olives sitting on the bottom of the glass...

                1. Deep fried anchovies or deep fried stuffed olives.

                  1. Thanks for the ideas. For me, never two martinis. Like the smoked fish, will save the deep fired for cooler weather.

                    1. Prepared a 1950s menu for the new season of Mad Men. Of course there were Gin Martinis and we also had deviled eggs, anchovy spread and a few other goodies. I'd also think caviar and whitefish salad would work as well.

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                        fried smelt (or in england whitebait) would work. Also love the idea of caviar with the usual trimmings. On the Russian theme cold beet borscht would work well.

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                          Beet Borscht in one hand and a Martini in the other. White summer suit. What could go wrong? ;)

                      2. Smoked oysters, pickled okra (actually anything pickled works), rye crackers.

                        1. The best pairing is solitude.

                          1. as you're in San Diego...a Rubio's grilled garlic herb shrimp taco

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                              I will keep that in mind but it may be a lost cause because 1) Rubio's doesn't serve martinis and 2) those tacos don't travel well....but I might be able to make something equivalent at home. (I know they are considered "bad" by many, but a fish taco from Rubio's is a monthly lunch treat for me.)

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                                Given the scarcity of decent fish tacos here in Boston, we would be happy to take those "bad" fish tacos off your hands! Have you tried Old Raj gin in your martini?

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                                  No I haven't. What makes it special?

                            2. Caviar.

                              Like steve h.'s recommendation of solitude also.

                              1. uzuzukuri (thinly sliced fish with ponzu)
                                scallop crudo
                                lightly smoked salmon

                                  1. Lots of great ideas, everyone.

                                    I wrote some up a while back here http://grade-a-fancymag.blogspot.com/...