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Aug 3, 2011 08:29 PM

In need of a chef for a dinner party i am hosting.

Any suggestions for a chef that I can hire to impress my 18 guests that will be attending the fete I am hosting in September. I would appreciate any feedback.

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  1. How many dollars do you want to impress them with? What day of the week and where?

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    1. re: RogerDoger

      I can't stress this enough - call Ezra Title of Chezvous Dining. He did my husband's 50th and the food was fantastic and our guests were wowed. We still talk about it. Our group was similar size to yours. And he was excellent to work with it. You will not regret it. Trust me. Tell him Millygirl sent you :)

      p.s. I am jealous. I'm thinking I need to have another party myself.

      Chezvous Dining
      Toronto, ON, Canada, Toronto, ON , CA

      1. re: millygirl

        I called him first and he is booked for that date....soooo upset. Can you pull any strings for!

        1. re: ice cream nut

          Now that's a shame!!! Not surprised though, what with The Brickworks and his television series things must really be heating up for him. Perhaps your date isn't flexible but if it were, that would be reason enough for me to change it. LOL

          I'm afraid I don't have the strings to help out but I will chide him with guilt this Saturday as he's doing up my weekly poached eggs. Sorry ice cream nut.

      2. re: RogerDoger

        It is the quality not the cost. It is on a Saturday in September. Did you have any recommendations?

      3. I used Noble Catering in the past and it was great.

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        1. re: canadianbeaver

          Have you tried Noble's little diner, Canadianbeaver?

          1. re: Googs

            No! Never heard of it! Do tell....

            1. re: canadianbeaver

              It's worth the drive to Scarborough.

              Goody's Diner
              133 Manville Rd, Unit 17, Toronto, ON , CA

              1. re: Googs

                I had no idea that the very long Goody's thread was about a Noble diner! Wow!!

        2. I used for my wife's 50th and had a fabulous dinner... two thumbs up.

          1. Jason Inniss, former co-chef at Amuse Bouche, now has his own caterong business - i wld call him.

            1. The Food Dudes I believe will cook in our kitchen - fantastic food. Have had been to a few events catered by them.