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Aug 3, 2011 08:05 PM

Relatively healthy, tasty and/or innovative ways to use up a pound of bacon, and a pound of hot dogs?

I don't usually have bacon or hot dogs in my fridge, but this week I have both on hand.

Thinking of making a BLT salad with some of the bacon. Realize I could use it in chowders and soups, and freeze for later. Don't want to head into Cobb Salad territory, mostly because of its calorie count.

Not sure what to do with the hot dogs. I'm trying to cut back on bread, so I don't want to buy hot dog buns. Toying with the idea of a hot dog goulash I read about somewhere on this board ages ago. Open to ideas, including the kinds of ideas that are found mostly in community cookbooks.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. My husband's dad makes something called "hot dog stew" on the weekends that the family goes to their cabin in the woods. It consists of hot dogs, cubed potatoes, frozen peas, tomato sauce, onion, etc. It's OK. I'm not a huge fan of potatoes or peas in soups or stews, but if you don't mind them, I could see it being an OK dish if you dressed it up a hair.

    For the bacon:
    How about hot german potato salad? Are you having guests over in the near future? Bacon wrapped dates? Neufchatel cheese stuffed and bacon wrapped jalapenos? How about breakfast sandwiches? I'd probably freeze it and save it for when you need bacon if you are concerned with making healthyish dishes.

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      Thanks for the ideas, LaureltQ ;-)

    2. Sonoran hot dog? Wrap the bacon around the hot dogs, then cook said wrapped dogs in clarified butter.

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        Thanks ;-) Didn't know that was a Sonoran hot dog. Minus the clarified butter, it's halfway to a Whistle Dog, and certainly lower carb. The other parts of the Whistle Dog are processed cheese and a hot dog bun. ;-)

      2. Might as well just wrap the franks in the bacon, grill, and put on an asbestos-dusted bun with a little plutonum relish......

        Nitrite bomb aside, if you cook the entire pound of bacon, which is easiest done by laying the strips in a sheet pan (a little overlap is okay) and baking at 375 for 20 minutes or so. They will continue to brown and render while the pan is cooling down so take the pan out before the bacon is completely crisp. Once cooked, and refrigerated, it will keep perfectly fine for over a month. Easy to reheat as needed. Be sure to save the rendered fat for frying other things.

        Of course you can always freeze the franks. They are fine sliced into lentil or pea soup. When I was cooking on a hot plate in college, we used to make omelets with onion, cheese, and frankfurters. Would making hot dogs with tortillas or other wraps fit your carb-control plan?

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          thanks greygarious. Hadn't thought of adding hot dogs to lentil or pea soup, or pre-cooking my bacon.

          Sure, tortillas would fit the plan- I'm not a strict carb-controller, I just am trying to keep white bread outside my kitchen!

        2. Bacon Chili cheese dogs!!! Oh you want healthy... I got nothin.

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          1. Wilted spinach salad with warm bacon dressing.

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