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Aug 3, 2011 07:11 PM

Anything decent in the Lake Lure (NC) area?

A friend of my mom's will be at a timeshare for a week (8/14 - 8/21) in Lake Lure. I have been over that way only a few times and have been underwhelmed with the eating options.

Anything good (or even pretty good) that's popped up? I know they can go into Hendersonville and Asheville (and they plan to), but just looking for a few choices a little closer to Lake Lure.


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  1. We've had a house on the lake for 7 years, and the dining options are limited. I've like Point of View at times, but it can be hit or miss. Everything thing elso (La Strada, Larkins, etc.) is mediocre at best. I can only guess that there is not enough year-round business to keep a great place going. Haven't been to the Lake Lure Smokehouse yet(old Margaritaville location), but there prices are decent for BBQ. This is a little farther away, but I've heard good things about Giardini's in Columbus, but I haven't been.

    Point of View Restaurant
    454 Memorial Hwy, Lake Lure, NC 28746

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    1. re: slotmansc

      Thank you! The smokehouse could be a good breakfast/lunch option and I have heard great things about Giardini's and that's only about 20 mins from Lake Lure.

      1. re: Scirocco

        I had to hit Google maps to figure out how Columbus was close to Lake Lure! i never realized.

        I've been to Giardini's, but I don't remember the menu being as large as this: it was 3-4 years ago, so perhaps they have expanded. how exciting! I'll have to go back.

        We had pizza, and I liked it. We ate outside on a picnic table. They did indeed have a big kitchen garden surrounding the restaurant.

        Otherwise, Black Mountain seems to be about the same distance, with lots of options, although I can't recommend anything specifically. We disliked Blackbird, the last thing I tried in Blk. mtn.

        Please let us know if you find something. My husband and I used to trek up to Bat Cave for this crazy restaurant called Crabby Bills, long gone, but I'd like to find some destination place in that area for nostalgia's sake.

        1. re: danna

          me too, danna! didn't realize it was that close. they will be staying on the east side of Lake Lure, so it turns out Columbus is pretty close. I do think Giardini's has expanded within the last couple of years. It's been on my to-do list for awhile. I just keep forgetting about it! looks like a breath of fresh air for that neck of the woods.

          1. re: Scirocco

            Yeah. Tryon has very few places to eat...odd because there's a LOT of money in that town. Anyhow, I seriously can't think of a single other place to recommend in Tryon (which = Columbus,except other side of the interstate) A bit further down 26 you find Stone Soup at the Landrum exit, which is pretty good.

            1. re: Scirocco

              So...we went to Giardinis for lunch today. I can't give you too much data because my husband's been sick and he ordered plain pasta and grilled chicken. Which is not on the menu, and at first seemed to really annoy the waitress, but we warmed her up again. It was really nice of the chef to be willing...I know how obnoxious that is, but it was either that or watch me eat pizza.

              I had the drunken fig pizza, which was the first pizza on the list, and I assumed their specialty. There is a gigantic fig tree against the building. The pizza was marsala soaked preserved figs, slightly caramelized onions and brie. I enjoyed it. It wasn't my favorite pizza , but I think that was just a function of it not being entirely to my taste...all the ingredients were quality and the crust was very thin, my husband wished he could have had a proper margherita pizza on that crust. he doesn't approve of alternative pizza ;-)

              The inside is beautiful, and they have a really nice patio. I was impressed with the expansion and we plan to go back in the evening soon.

              1. re: danna

                thanks so much for the feedback. I have a funny relationship with figs...I always order stuff with them then remember why I shouldn't. I love the flavor, but I really hate the seeds. The crunchiness is just very off-putting for me. But, it sure sounds good on paper! :)

                Their dinner menu looks good - am interested to try it. I'll probably skip their pizza unless they had a flavor I really wanted to try. West First is so close that it's our go-to for that type of pizza.

                oh, and re: your previous post - I haven't much much of note in Landrum, but I haven't tried Stone Soup yet. Recently, we went to the Purple Onion in Saluda and had an excellent light dinner (summer risotto for me and a seafood sort of bouillabaisse thing for my husband). Our first visit there. Only drawback is that if they have live music, sit outside! It's very noisy inside while the music is playing! Fortunately, we lucked out and got the patio.

                1. re: Scirocco

                  I love Purple Onion!!! My father and I have reserved seats at the bar for the Coon Dog event every summer! : ) Good food and great surroundings. Glad to hear about Giardini's, will have to try on our next trip up to the lake.

                  1. re: slotmansc

                    We had lunch at Purple Onion a few months ago, and I thought it was good, and slightly better than it had been in the past. That's another spot I keep meaning to try for dinner.

                2. re: danna

                  I agree waitstaff needs to be trained better, at Giardinis in Columbus NC ivery rude and condescending I don't go to a restaurant and spend over 100.00 dollars to be treated disrespectfully. Food okay need to work on customer service.

          2. re: slotmansc

            Wow, don't go to Giardinis in Columbus NC, worst service I have ever had in a restaurant. We ordered a glass of wine and beer at 7:35 at 8:00 I nicely said to our waitress excuse me as she zoomed by ( wasn't busy 3 other tables in room ,1 came later than us and had bottle of wine already) glared at me kept walking and spewed out with venom " I'm getting it"...... Then returned many minutes later with a glass of 9.00 dollar wine that was about 4 oz. Things went down hill from there stay clear of Giardinis not customer friendly"! Rude wait staff

            1. re: Pamjrmccarthy

              I'm reading back over this thread because we went to Giardinis a couple of times this summer. They do have shockingly bad service. I'm not so sure I'd call it rude...just super-clueless. The girl with the black widow spider tatoo is either meant to be a hostess who pitches in w/ waiting tables or a waitress that has to have a lot of help, i can't tell. It appears from my post above that I liked my pizza last year, but this year I have not been as fortunate.

              Even knowing (on the 2nd visit) that the service was likely to be deranged, and not being in a hurry, and ready to have fun with it...we were still irritated by the time we finally completed our lunch. I wonder if the chef/owner has any idea how laughable the situation is right outside the kitchen?

          3. Try The Orchard Inn in Saluda. You don't have to stay at the inn (although I loved it) to enjoy the wonderful prix fixe dinner. Oops, I just saw the dates. It may be too late to make reservations.

            The Orchard Inn
            100 Orchard Inn Lane, Saluda, NC 28773

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            1. re: opine

              thanks, but ya, they only have tonight and tomorrow and I think they are in Asheville today. Not sure of tomorrow's plans, but I'll tell them about Orchard Inn (OI is on too, so could save some $$).

              While I'm on here, a partial report back....they went to Luna Del Sol which I think is part of their condo/golf complex? (309 Winesap Blvd, Lake Lure - they said it is open to the public) I'd never heard of it. They said that was very good. Trip Advisor shows good reviews too. Might be worth checking out if on that side of the lake.

              They said Larkin's was a nice place to eat on the water, but food decidedly "meh" (which they knew was a possibility - they went for the view).

              Other than that, they have eaten at the condo or outside of the area (we had a fabulous lunch with them at Season's yesterday).

              1. re: Scirocco

                Hope they had a good time, I (we) actually live in downtown Asheville and went to The Orchard Inn to get away from Belle Chere. The inn was a discovery for us and not that far.

                The Orchard Inn
                100 Orchard Inn Lane, Saluda, NC 28773

                1. re: Scirocco

                  just reporting back again. better late than never! In addition to the above, they had a great lunch on the Sunset Terrace at GPI and enjoyed lunch at Pisgah Inn one day while driving the parkway. They knew that Pisgah was not really for the food, but for the view and all was as expected. Stopped at Dolly's for an ice cream after their drive. :)

                  They also had a rather unfortunate experience at Giardini's. I contacted the owner and she was very gracious in her response. I suspect the real story is somewhere between the two versions. People's interpretations of the same situation can be very different. According to my friends, there was a very loud table inside (it was not busy at the time) and the table thought their conversation was hilarious and like loud cell phone talkers, decided it would be fun to "share" with the whole restaurant. That wouldn't even be so bad except their conversation was littered with the infamous "f" word. Never appropriate. the owner said she did not hear the bad language. I don't know. I wasn't there. The owner also said she did lots of things to help make my friends happy, which my friends agreed with, but the deck was very hot (which it was that day) and so they ended up inside as far away as possible from the offending table. Food-wise, it was hit/miss for them. There seemed to be some confusion on lunch vs. dinner menu (this was at about 2:30) but they really enjoyed the eggplant rollantini, but said the pizza was burned on the edges and soggy in the middle. The owner felt that they just didn't understand that wood fired pizza is different from mainstream and thought the pizza looked fine. Could be. I have had great wood fired pizza (WF and FRB) and bad (Mezzaluna when it first opened). Until I try it myself, I can't say where theirs falls. I had only heard great things about Giardini's until this experience, so my feeling is that I need to try it myself.

                  And as an interesting side-note, the owner of Sq 1 (which has been sold) is now the chef at Giardini's!

                  1. re: Scirocco

                    thanks for the details! I tend to think the owner might be right on the pizza...I expect to see some black edges on woodfired pizza and some people may not be down with that.

                    Funny story, i made grilled shrimp for my inlaws and I leave the tails on and deliberately let them blacken some. For seconds, the M-I-L asked for some of the "shrimp that's not burned"

                    I'm surprised about the chef thing, though. I thought Giardini's was a family affair? I barely recall my trip to Sq 1, but I don't remember being impressed.

                    1. re: danna

                      my thoughts too. although I will say that the Mezzaluna pizza we had when they first opened was truly burned. not just some black spots here and there. half of it was charred. our rolls were burned (badly) too. seemed like they just didn't have a handle on cooking in the oven. that whole night was a disaster, so we didn't go back until recently. am happy to report it had improved tremendously. so, ya, I think I just need to see it/taste it for myself.

                      funny about the shrimp. I guess some meals need instructions for the less-experienced. :) I hear some people actually eat the tails. Not this girl. blech.

                      I was never a big Sq 1 fan, although I will say our last experience was a lot better than earlier. Never any energy in the place either. With Never Blue and West First slammed on either side of them, I think they just didn't step up their game enough.

              2. Mama Mia II in downtown Hunter's ville. White table cloth w/ reservations but reasonably priced. Italian.

                Ouphs- This is Lake Norman Area, not Lake Lure. Sorry