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Aug 3, 2011 05:50 PM

Where to eat in Big Bear/Lake Arrowhead?

Going to be doing a little cabin mini-vacation next week in Big Bear--where is there worthwhile to eat in the area?

Haven't seen this area discussed (to my knowledge) on this board since 2005, so would be nice to get some new recommendations!


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  1. I probably missed you, but just wanted to put this out there for anyone else in search of elusive truly good food in Big Bear. Madlon's in Big Bear City is a wonderful French restaurant - and not just by Big Bear standards. My husband and I had a family wedding celebration dinner there last year and then returned the following morning for breakfast, as it was THAT good. Dinner was marvelous, but do not miss the glorious all-you-can-eat waffles and pancakes. Heavenly. We're returning to Big Bear for Christmas this year, and Madlon's is number one on our list.

    1. On your way up to Big Bear there are a couple of places for a good lunch in Running Springs. Old Country Coffee Shop on the main street. It's a pretty simple diner, but has great Mexican breakfast and good burgers. Up the road in Arrowbear, actually, is a place called Blondie's. They used to have one in Big Bear. Again, simple, but well done American food. Great, homemade soups, big burgers and cocktails. They have really good Prime Rib, but I think it's only one night of the week, Friday maybe?

      1. I know this is nearly a year-old post, but we stopped for lunch on our way back from the Tough Mudder today in Running Springs. Rocky's Roadhouse Deli serves up Boarshead meats on excellent rolls with fresh sandwich fixins. Nothing fancy about this place - you order at the counter and they call your name when it's ready. The DH had an Italian sub and I had the turkey, avocado, and bacon. Again, the rolls are fresh and tasty, the sandwiches large and filled to the max, and delicious. And +1 to them for serving GOOD iced tea. How often do you order it and get stuff that's overbrewed or watery? You won't find that here!