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Aug 3, 2011 05:16 PM

good regional casual (BBQ, meat & 3) driving from Knoxville to Nashville

Driving from Knoxville to Nashville. Have 2 days to do the trip so have plenty of time. Good eats? Good local food of any sort is fine, but we're not really looking for the fine dining experience. We have no idea where we will stay along the way, but it'll be a bonus if there's lodging nearby if anyone recommends a dinner place.

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  1. Knoxville to Nashville is a three hour you will have plenty of time to dally. Chandler's in East Knoxville would be a great choice. This might also help!

    1. Get off I 40 at Exit 287 in Cookeville, TN and go N on S Jefferson to Maddux Station at E Spring Street for good road food. Go to Brass Lantern in Crossville for good road food. Dickey's has good BBQ and Halcyon is a fun dining choice.
      Brass Lantern Restaurant and Lounge @ 79 Chestnut Hill Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 7657.
      Dickey's BBQ Pit @ 965 Northside Dr., Crossville, TN 931 - 484 - 4900.
      Halcyon Days Restaurant @ 2444 Genesis Rd., Crossville, TN 931 - 456 - 3663.
      Get off I 40 at Exit 258 at Gordonsville, TN and go N on Gordonsville Highway to Timberloft for good BBQ and road food for lunch or dinner.
      Timberloft Restaurant @ 470 Gordonsville Highway, Gordonsville, TN 615 - 683 - 5070.
      Get off I 40 at Exit 238 in Lebanon, TN and go N on S Cumberland to Sunset Restaurant for good country food.
      Sunset Restaurant @ 640 South Cumberland St., Lebanon, TN 615 - 444 - 9530.

      The Garden Inn in Monterey is a neat B&B on your way.

      The Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast @ Bea Rock @ 1400 Bee Rock Rd., Monterey, TN 931 - 839 - 1400.