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Aug 3, 2011 03:38 PM

What's for lunch in Belltown and South Lake Union?

I work in Lower Queen Anne and sometimes have the urge/need to go for a long-ish lunch. Tomorrow will probably be one of those days, so this is where you come in.

I'm familiar with most of the offerings of Upper and Lower Queen Anne. Belltown and South Lake Union, on the other hand, are within walking distance of my office but hold many places I've yet to try. Pike Place has proven to be too far for lunch, even for relatively quick places like Il Corvo and El Puerco Lloron.

Restaurants I have visited for lunch in Belltown: Boat Street Kitchen (good sandwiches, but the entrees have been more miss than hit lately), Bambino's (worth it even if you can't drink during the day), Tilikum Place Cafe (excellent, probably the best in this list), Local 360 (not bad, but lunch service feels like an afterthought), Barracuda Taqueria (maybe my least favorite taqueria experience in the city)

Restaurants I have visited for lunch in South lake Union: Re:Public (despite the dinner menu's ambition, the lunch menu is really boring), Serious Pie, Dahlia Workshop (as delicious as it is unhealthy)

What else is out there? Is Ting Momo worth visiting yet?

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  1. Brave Horse Tavern is very good. Also really like Petra Great service and a very cool decor and wonderful food.

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    1. re: PaqpIn

      I ended up at Brave Horse and really enjoyed the burger and fries (alas, ordering a pint of La Folie for lunch is incompatible with my company's alcohol policy). The fried pasilla probably isn't worth $3, though.

      How does Petra differ from other similar restaurants in town?

      1. re: lavaca

        Funny. I was there for a burger and fries there today too.
        I liked it, but I kind of felt the meat was meager for a restaurant burger. (Maybe next time I'll ask for a second patty.) The bun is that brioche-like bread they use at Po Dog for the hot dogs buns which I like, and I love the BBQ-like sauce they use. I appreciate the use of iceberg lettuce on the burger instead of something fancier, but you may feel otherwise. Overall, a good burger with some potential, but not quite there.

        Really kind of disappointing were the fries. They didn't seem up to the level of a Tom Douglas joint. Those who know better can shout me down, but they really seemed like frozen fries out of a bag...

        Also, I didn't order it, but I say it's unconscionable to sell a roasted cob of corn for $5, anywhere.

        Sadly, I still say the best thing they offer is their complimentary mustards.
        Maybe you don't need to be at the top of your game food-wise when you know you can pack the place with Amazonians on expense accounts at 5:00 everday.

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          This isn't meant to be a slight on the kitchen, but I felt like Brave Horse was specifically attempting to emulate McDonald's fries. I usually prefer my fries to be dark and crispy, but these worked pretty well for the style. The mustard does help.

          The Tom Douglas surcharge is definitely in effect, though. At Uneeda Burger, I could've also gotten a beer for the price of my burger and fries at Brave Horse.

      2. re: PaqpIn

        Ditto on Petra-----delish Mediterranean food!

        1. re: PaqpIn

          Bravehorse...bleh! Boring. Tom Douglas has just become a corporation and his restaurants have become un un un interesting.

        2. Best lunch options in SLU proper:

          * fish of the day at Re:public is usually excellent. So's the Italian wedding soup when they have it. That's all I order there anymore.
          * Tacos El Tajin, a taco truck that has been a fixture for most of the last year. By far the best value in the hood, excellent home-made habanero salsa makes up for hit-or-miss meats and factory tortilla. Has been somewhat scarce recently; rumors of a crackdown since the new food truck regulations passed. (They originally served the construction workers building the Amazon campus but the line is mostly office drones these days.)
          * Where Ya At, Matt and Marination Mobile park up by Cascade Park on Wednesdays and Mondays, respectively. Lots of new-wave food trucks invading the nabe recently, but these are the only ones I recommend.
          * Sometimes the special burger at Blue Moon is pretty good - had a good lamb burger a couple months back. Like that they have beer.
          * Flying Fish is reliable and not too expensive for lunch (relatively speaking.)

          Heading South down Westlake:
          * Mistral Kitchen has a fine lunch.
          * Tutta Bella brings their "A" game at lunch. Best meals I've had at a Tutta Bella have been at this location during the lunch rush. The counter by the kitchen is my preferred spot.
          * Seastar is expensive but reliable.
          * The Hurricane Cafe is a completely adequate greasy spoon, fully licensed and open 24 hours to boot.

          I like Brave Horse but they dropped the best thing on the menu - a "chicken-fried turkey breast" sandwich that just about nailed the Chick-fil-A flavor profile (that's a complement.) The pretzel sandwich is good.

          Ting Momo was a disaster last time I went, and Cuoco is expensive and IMO mediocre.

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          1. re: terrier

            At Tutta Bella, a favorite summer meal for us is the Pizza Ensalata, a seasoned, baked pizza crust with a serving of salad on top. Refreshing.

            Tutta Bella
            4918 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

            1. re: terrier

              This month I visited Tutta Bella on Westlake. The pancetta pizza was tasty (olive oil, macerated tomatoes, onions, and basil), but I felt like the pancetta itself was the weakest part - it was difficult to eat and not evenly cooked thanks to the fact that the slices were large and curled up in the oven. A similar pizza using salami or sausage would have been even better. I do think the crust at Bambino's is better, but I also think that Tutta Bella has fixed the issues with sogginess that I sometimes experienced in years past (probably by making the crust thicker).

              The deck is really nice for people-watching and has a good view of the Space Needle.

            2. Farestart , at 7th & Virginia is worth a look

              2100 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144