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Aug 3, 2011 02:54 PM

Pizza Vita , Summit

We ate at this new restaurant at the site of Honey Brown's and formerly Souffle.

We split a salad and a pizza. Salad was good, pizza was great. They have a 900 degree oven from Italy. Our pizza had mushrooms, artichokes, tomato sauce and cheese. Very fresh vegetables, perfectly acidic tomato sauce and light on the cheese, ONly minor complaint was that the bottom of the pizza was soggy, surprising for a 900 degree oven. However, the toppings overcame that flaw.

They don't take Amex, be forewarned. Staff was nice.

Honey Browns
7 Union Place, Summit, NJ 07901

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  1. Sounds like they are serving Neapolitan-style pizza. The non-crsip crust is inherent to this style.

    These places keep popping up all over Jersey and the country. I wonder when we'll hit the saturation point.

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      It is Neapolitan-style--scarlet beat me to posting about this place. Mr. diva and I tried it out the other day, and our 'zas were good, though a bit soggy in the middle as scarlet said. The crust on the edges was great, though. We also had the mushroom and artichoke pizza, as well as the padrino, which has olives, soppresata, and provolone. I have been meaning to try Keste and/or Motorino in the city to compare, as I don't have much experience with Neapolitan. Mr. diva thought the pie here was excellent, while I found it to be very good.