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Aug 3, 2011 02:15 PM

Super Nachos"/Spanish Sauce"/The Valley

I'm on the hunt for nachos with a specific sauce, and I'm not quite sure what it is. I used to go to Pancho's on Venice near downtown Culver City (there's another location in Santa Monica). They have "Pancho's Nachos" which has a red sauce on it, in addition to cheese, meat, etc. I think they call the sauce "Spanish Sauce," and it reminds me of enchilada sauce, only thinner, and with stewed tomatoes and peppers in it. It's also very mild.

I live in the Valley now, and I've been trying the "Super Nachos" at places near Sherman Oaks. These seem close to what I'm looking for. Some are tasty, but none have sauce on them (just meat & cheese, etc.). I'm wondering if anyone knows of anywhere near Sherman Oaks that might have nachos, with meat, cheese, and "Spanish Sauce," even though I can't describe the sauce too well.

Pancho's Tacos
2920 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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  1. Not that this was a popular topic, but I seem to have found something that works. La Fogata in Sherman Oaks on Van Nuys Blvd makes "super nachos/nachos supremos" with meat, beans, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole over chips. I asked for that with their (mild) salsa roja poured over it, and it was delicious!