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Aug 3, 2011 02:13 PM

Buffalo Wings

I need to satisfy this craving. Preferably with blue cheese dip.

I don't want to pay £1 a wing for 9 (i.e. The Blues Kitchen) as I think that is ridiculous when you can normally get like 500000000x for like $10 in the US (yes, I'm aware of the exaggeration but you get the drift!).

Does anyone have any advice? After about an hour searching on Google and finding even the hidden away places either closed down or overrated im beginning to despair.

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  1. I have to offer the opinion that this is a lost cause, you just have to make your own.

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    1. re: Gordito

      Bingo. Even the vaunted MeatEasy people fail epically at making wings. Do it yourself. It will be better.

    2. TGIF at picadilly? If you are comparing to what you can get in US, find an American restaurant!

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      1. re: Penpen

        Agreed - this is not the US - it's like us trying to find jellied eels or a pie and mash shop in New York

        1. re: Theresa

          Haha - those exist by the way, apparently there are a couple of great ones in New York.....though to be fair I don't think one can compare it to the rest of the US...

          But similarly, it's London, honestly even though its my hometown and I love it etc...expected better from our food scene. Lame :-(

          I guess I'm going to have to get cooking....or hit up one of Queen Mary Uni's crazy 100 wings for a £10 student nights (though no longer a student)!
          Thanks guys.

          1. re: ShekhaV

            Just a quick note that we split a discussion about finding American foods in other countries over to our General Topics board, since it seemed like a conversation that was stretching far from the UK board:

            If anyone's got any tips on great wing places, though, please do post them here.

          2. re: Theresa

            This is starting to sound a lot like the fried chicken thread!