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Aug 3, 2011 01:17 PM

CHEAP but GOOD Paris

Hello Everyone - Firstly, I know there are a few threads on this (and it CAN be done) and normally I would take the time to research them and compile a list, however my trip is very last minute and time is an issue.

So I have started a brand new thread about this and hope you can help me!

I am looking for, of course, good french food, but am also interested in a varitey of ethnic cuisines - african, haitian, chinese, people's houses being turned into restaurants etc - whatever is good really. I am seriously on a budget soo the cheaper the better.

I am willing to travel so location isnt really an issue either, though I am staying in Pigalle. I really hope you guys can help, and I thank you in advance!

S x

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  1. Well, if you're interested in West African food, you're very close to Le Mono, a nice Togolese restaurant at 40, rue Véron. I only hope the owners haven't gone to Togo for the Summer vacation, as have those of Fifa (an excellent Beninese restaurant on rue Joseph-Dijon, on the other side of the Butte Montmartre).
    And if you want to taste a bit of true Parisian multicultural atmosphere, go have a thieboudiene (or any other dish) at Nioumré, a Senegalese restaurant at 7, rue des Poissonniers (also close to Pigalle). Very warm atmosphere, good homey food. During this period of Ramadan I strongly recommend that you go right after sunset, iftar time, when customers break the fasting with milk, dates and harira soup. It is a very friendly moment.

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