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Aug 3, 2011 01:09 PM

Great place to buy spirits in Portland?

I am going to be in Portland on Thursday/Friday and am wondering if the regulars on this board can recommend a great shop for gins, rums, tequilas, and whiskeys? I am aware of some of the local distilleries but am curious to know if there is a really good store specializing in imported spirits at a fair price? I am looking for places that have a big selection of spirits, not a Costco or Whole Foods type place.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to eating at Pok Pok for lunch when we get to town.

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

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  1. I rarely buy liquor but I pass this place all the time:

    Probably would fit the bill for an interesting selection. The price point (considering the neighborhood) might be a different matter.

    1. Oregon has a liquor control commission that regulates all of the prices. Everything is the same price everywhere. Booze is available in liquor stores only. Pearl Specialty does indeed have a nice selection

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      1. re: AHPDX

        Is that price regulation true for wine or just spirits?

        I was also looking for the best place to buy wine near downtown on our last day. (Flying Southwest, so free checked luggage!)

        1. re: Windy

          Price regs on spirits only.

          For wine, downtown I recommend Vinopolis:

          1. re: Windy

            If you are looking for a good selection of Oregon wine, I recommend Oregon Wines on Broadway (also downtown and not far from Vinopolis).

            1. re: ekc

              I remember tasting at Broadway wines some years ago but hadn't thought of them for purchase. Thanks.