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Aug 3, 2011 12:45 PM

Lobster in in Concord or Manchester?

We're going to be taking a mini family vacation in Lincoln, NH. On the way back to Manchester my husband really wanted to stop and get a really tasty lobster. Any suggestions?

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  1. Do you mean a lobster roll or sit down steamed lobster dinner? Or steamed in the grocery store to eat at home?
    If you want a decent lobster roll, there's the Dipsy Doodle in Northfield just off exit 19, I93. It's a tiny, drive in kind of place. Despite using vaccum packed lobster, the roll is decent and you have your choice of the kind with mayo or hot butter. We usually ask for onion rings instead of fries.

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      dfrost, and for the OP looking for lobster: If we are driving South on 93, I don't think there is an exit 19? I recall that one must get off at exit 20, go toward downtown Tilton (2 miles. Do not go toward the outlet stores.... its the other way), then a left toward 93 at the lights/railroad tracks, if you want to get to Dipsy Doodle. Correct me if I'm wrong.

      Other lobster option, and if one wants ALL lobster options, Makris Steak & Seafood on the east side of Concord a couple of mile east on 393 toward Loudon remains my preference for the Concord, NH area.

      1. re: Dave B

        Thanks for the correction Dave B, we approach from the south so it's exit 19 for us. Wasn't sure about it not be available to southbound.

        In downtown Tilton you can take left (if you're heading south) at the monument opposite the big white tavern. go over little bridge. Turn left. Follow main road to ball park then turn right. Dipsy will be on your left. Or you can take the left Dave refers to at the southern end of Tilton downtown. Left at the lights/railroad tracks. You'll see the old train station on your right. Stay on this road. You get to the Dipsy and it will be on your right.

        If parking lot is full, you could park near the ball field and walk. Do NOT park in the police station parking lot. You'll see a sign saying no parking.

    2. also, just below Manchester in Litchfield is famous Woodmans. Also agree w/ Dipsee Doodle (exit 20 going south) for lobster roll and Makris in Concord for steamed lobster dinner