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Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace to open August 16

Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace

Does the district really need any more high-end burger or pizza joints? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yawn.

    I wonder how many ounces of meat is in a burger? I couldn't find it on the menu or the web site. Maybe if you have to ask, you don't need one. Or it's pretty small. Could be, giving the almost reasonable price for the burger and high priced location.

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    1. re: MikeR

      What time does Bobby's place open today?

      1. re: MikeR

        You'll have trouble finding it on the bun, too. My reaction when I had one in NJ was, "I moved the lettuce, and there it was!"

      2. I say no. I'm ready for the next trend. The pictures that you linked to from the Washington City Paper looked great. But really I would rather have something else in the Dupont/Farragut/West End where there are already a bajillion burger spots.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          One good thing about this place though---it seems as if they will make any burger out of a turkey burger which is a nice touch.

        2. No. Same with cupcakes & frozen yogurt. Those ships have all sailed. Really, just a decent sandwich made from fresh ingredients on really good bread, that'd suit me just fine.

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          1. re: ivysmom

            have you tried Dupont Market? If not, I suggest trying it - I really like their sandwiches and they use panorama bread which is YUMMY.

            1. re: ivysmom

              Amen. The only sticking trend I like is the tapas small plate run.

              1. re: rHairing

                I totally agree on the small plate comment - I love eating that way (always have) and hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.

                As for Bobby - I like him and hope he does well, but yeah, there's probably enough burger joints at this point. Of course, it's a block away from my DC office, so I have a feeling it will be in my future.

              2. re: ivysmom

                Check our Cafe Phillips and West Wing Cafe. Excellent sandwiches, freshly made.

                1. re: 4X4

                  Yes, I finally checked out Cafe Phillips and was really impressed by the turkey sandwich. Wish I'd been going to this place all these years!

              3. So has anyone actually been? Is it any good? Does Shake Shack or Rays or anyone in the burger world have anything to be worried about, or is it just a stack of chips and all that :-)

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                1. re: ClevelandDave

                  I'm wondering the same thing. I am going to try it next time I am in DC just for my own curiosity, but would love to hear early thoughts on it.

                  1. re: ClevelandDave

                    Is Shake Shack considered a top burger place here? I went, and was rather underwhelmed. I mean, it was solid for a fast-food burger, but I would throw it in the mix with Five-Guys and In-N-Out (which I still think is the best fast-food burger, even though I have to be in the mood for it). If Shake Shack is considered top tier around here, then there is alot of room for improvement.

                    Haven't been to Bobby's but from the pics it looks rather mundane.

                    1. re: mdpilam

                      My sole problem with it is that it's entire concept is based on Bobby Flay. He isn't the chef there, he has really nothing to do with the execution of anything. If it were "Burger Palace" people would probably be laughing at the name. Even if the burgers are good, I just have a problem with it banking on its celebrity chef name.

                      1. re: Jeserf

                        I follow Bobby on Twitter and he designs a new burger of the month every month and talks about the components and asks for feedback. I think he is very much involved in the menu in the same way he is involved in the Mesa Grill Menu and the brunch menu at Bar Americain. Just because he doesn't cook it for me doesn't mean he didn't have his hand in it. He didn't just put his name on the door for a fee.

                      2. re: mdpilam

                        It is a good burger, but like you say, of the fast food variety. I'm just not sure where Bobby Flay's place fits in- it isn't BLT Steak or the Source, but it isn't a Z-Burger or Elevation Burger or 5- Guys or Shake Shack- or is it? At the price point they have it Flay's plays is probably more like the latter than the former.

                        1. re: ClevelandDave

                          I would call it more of a refined Five Guys burger. Solid but nothing I would go out of my way for. I would definately rank Ray's higher, BGR burger higher, and probably Shake Shack higher. It's not an everyday burger like in-n-out, or even shake shack, but probably more like a once-a week or once-every-two-week burger like five guys. I haven't tried elevation or z burger, BLT Burger or Source burger, so I can't compare to them.

                          Their shakes are outstanding though and their alcoholic drinks are priced lower than one would expect. Their fries are mediocre (I do like in-n-out fries, mcdonalds fries, chick-fil-a fries, and shake shack fries. Five Guys fries are too inconsistent to rate high and soggy more often than I'd like).

                          I went on opening day and tried the Dallas Burger and the Philly Burger, a coffee malted, sweet potato fries and a fountain soda. I do really like the Dallas burger and probably would make it my choice when I return.

                          1. re: ahack

                            Thank you for the chow report.
                            Mercy, everyone else just moans about other stuff.

                        2. re: mdpilam

                          I love In-n-Out I hope they put one in the Houston Airport so I can grab a bite before I catch my flight to Cabo

                          1. re: agarnett100

                            Everything about that statement makes me want to throw large objects at you. I'm jealous! haha :)

                          2. re: mdpilam

                            Agree with Shake Shack assessment. It really is pretty ordinary.

                            This and on my last visit, the burger I got had one patty that was "raw." Not rare, but raw. I took it back and the girl said "well, we cook them medium rare." After some finagling, and making me wait another 10 minutes while other customers were served, they gave me a new order and didn't even offer a refund.

                            There was no management to be found.

                            Elevation Burger is the best in town, followed by Ray's and BGR.

                            1. re: biscuit

                              They gave you a new burger and you STILL wanted a refund........sigh. It is not enough that they gave you a new burger? That is what you wanted, right??

                              I love the burgers here. I have visited the ones in Jersey and Mohegan Sun Casino and they were all consistantly good. Not as good as Shake Shack, but most burgers cannot compare to SS anyway.....

                              1. re: chloe4ever

                                I agree with biscuit, just about ordinary nails it. The recommendations are spot on as well.
                                Burger zombies will enjoy Shake Shack which is equal to 5 Guys. Seems like every time I turn my head there is a "new" 5G's opening somewhere. Bobby's Burger Palace is nice enough, but it is not the same quality as Ray's / BGR / Rouge States / Elevation Burger. Take your pick in the burger world, 1 cheap fast food, 2 No kids please! joint, 3 you want to savor it class.
                                Bobby's is Ok, and to be honest, there is nothing else around that area of town.
                                DuPont is flooded with options. If you work near by,Bobbie's, cool.
                                A metro ride, or drive by out of curiosity.....YMMV.

                                5 Guys
                                6210 Quander Rd, Alexandria, VA 22307

                                1. re: RobertM

                                  "it is not the same quality as Ray's / BGR / Rouge States / Elevation Burger."

                                  How are you defining "quality" here? I keep wanting to like Elevation Burger because of what they do, I try one every few months, and I'm always disappointed. It may start out with a good-for-you cow, but it ends up being unflavored, too well done, and dry. Is it the olive oil fries and shakes that put the place in the same category as Rays/BGR,Rogue States?

                                  1. re: MikeR

                                    FWIW, if anybody is thinking of trying this place at lunch time, the line was all the way down the block on Friday.

                                    1. re: MikeR

                                      Well, agreed. We differ. And if I had been to a place more than twice and got a bum meal, or over cooked burger I would not go back expecting a change. Although I too got messed up burgers at Ray's and BGR a time or two. I simply walked back to the cook and said so, and had them replaced. Messed up, true, but still, great burgers when you want to savour ground up steaks. I will defer on Elevation due to your often disappointments. Hint: Stop going!
                                      Still, we can agree great burgers at Ray's / BGR / Rouge, and add to that Morton's and the rest of the local steak houses. Without the lines out the doors, or hype zombie's.

                                      1. re: RobertM

                                        You should also try out the burger at Standard on 14th St. Fast food variety, but easily as good as SS. I need to try Elevation apparently.

                                    2. re: RobertM

                                      I'm not sure what a "burger zombie" is. Shake Shack IMHO is nothing like 5 Guys. Also, there does happen to be quite a few places near Bobby Flay's place- Johnny Rockets, Prime Rib, Five Guys, McDonalds, Chef Geoffs isn't too far, and neither is Shelly's Back Room which also has a decent burger. So instead of generalized moaning, Robert M, what is your assessment of Bobby Flays place?

                                      Prime Rib
                                      2020 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006

                                    3. re: chloe4ever

                                      I didn't ask for a refund at the time. Yes, I asked for a new order – I was still hungry, after all, even if that put me off a bit. When I wrote the company itself, the manager apologized profusely and offered a refund.

                                      I'm actually as disappointed in the way the staff handled the situation and the lack of on-sight management as much as I was the raw meat, which itself is an abomination, but yes, a refund was definitely in order in this instance, considering the wait and horrible service as well.

                                      1. re: biscuit

                                        Honestly there is no best all around burger, unless you group em by types.
                                        El cheapo Fast food pressed patties, etc Mickey D, the BK, Wendy, In & out etc
                                        Up scale fast food: Five Guys ettc
                                        Posh upscale: BGR/Rogue/Rays etc
                                        Steak house Burgers

                                        There used to be a hole in the wall place in Birmingham called Hamburger Heaven I thought was the best I ever had.

                                    4. re: ClevelandDave

                                      Humm, we need an In an Out Burger joint!
                                      Cheap, good basic burger, nobody is rude, fresh fries, limited options, single double, etc.

                                      1. re: RobertM

                                        I need to try this In and Out place next time I go to Vegas. Just to see what all the fuss is about :D

                                        1. re: Manassas64

                                          There's nothing to be fussed about. Calling In-n-Out average is probably being kind.

                                        2. re: RobertM

                                          In-n-Out doesn't have limited options! Haha.

                                          You won't find one outside of driving distance to their warehouses. Unless they build another one, you're not going to see one east of the Florida panhandle (the farthest the new Texas distribution warehouse services).

                                          1. re: ahack

                                            I think this is what we need to get started here in the D.C. burger universe:

                                            With some sort of deal where local hounds can sniff out what they want to investigate.

                                              1. re: ahack

                                                Yep, agreed, a mix between the San Fran link, and the NYT's story about the Burger of the Month Club would work great. But with different favorites for types of burgers, those you pay for then eat, vs those you eat then pay for afterwards being a possible difference. Or Say grouped by price: $3 ~ $6, then the $8 & Up, or what ever. Favorites out of each group vs, 1,2,3,4 ratings. Sliders, well, diff catagory. Maybe a section for Vegi, or Turkey, for the healthy crowd.

                                            1. re: ahack

                                              Remember In n Out has a secret menu options and you can have a burger with as many patties as you want (a concept Elevation borrowed)


                                            2. re: RobertM

                                              @Robert M - In n Out they serve a good product with out all the BS. Their restaurants are always clean and the food is always spot on

                                              1. re: agarnett100

                                                Yeah, I know. I hit em up when ever in San Diego/LA/ or SF area's.
                                                Now only if we had a Sonic in the DC Metro area?

                                                1. re: RobertM

                                                  Thats usually my first stop from the airport in LA/SF or AZ. The only Sonic I have ever seen is in Lancaster, PA across from the outlets - Not sure why they keep advertising in DC market if they aren't going to open one up

                                                  1. re: agarnett100

                                                    There is a Sonic on the way to Rehoboth - or you can make it on the way if you want to take a slight detour.

                                                    1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                                      I had the pleasure of stopping at one in SC a few months ago.
                                                      I love their hot dogs, and the drinks.
                                                      Buy the time I got up to Virginia, I stopped at Buzz & Ned's.

                                                      1. re: RobertM

                                                        There is one opening in Edgewater right outside of Annapolis. Still saying November.

                                                        Sonic that is

                                                        1. re: cb1

                                                          Gawd, that is very good news!

                                      2. I was there today when it opened at 11:00; I was the 6th in line. They only had one (of two) cash registers open, which was annoying as the line lengthened. The process was made longer as the person who took orders also registered everyone who was interested and gave them a card that allowed you to get a free burger when you accumulate 100 points.

                                        I got a classic cheeseburger (with lettuce, tomato, red onion and American cheese) and a dark chocolate shake with whipped cream. The burger came out pretty fast and was served to me at the retro-style counter. (They give you a plastic number that you keep with you.) I liked their condiments. I used the chipotle ketchup and mustard. The burger was fresh tasting and very good - not mind-blowing, but very good. It was cooked medium rare, as I'd requested. I think the next time I'll go for a medium Philadelphia burger.

                                        There were lots of people working there; 2 or 3 came by to ask if I was enjoying my meal.

                                        The shake was very dark-chocolately and the whipped cream in it was divine, though there was only about two tablespoons of it. The shake was pretty small; I'd say about 10 oz. I saw a guy eating fries; they looked good.

                                        A burger and shake came to $12 dollars and change. As I left at 11:30, the line went out the restaurant and extended out the door; there were about 10 people waiting outside. It must be *mobbed* at about 1:00!

                                        I would certainly go again as I often find myself in that neighborhood. I think it's very good, but not worth standing in line an hour for or traveling across town for.

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                                        1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                          Thanks for the review. I hope they are open on Saturdays as that's the only time I am in that area. The website doesn't say and most restaurants over there are closed weekends since it's a business district.

                                          1. re: Manassas64

                                            I called to ask their hours and they told me that they are open on Sat. and Sun. which I thought was surprising. I think the hours were Sat. 11-10 and Sun. 12-9, if I remember correctly.

                                            1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                              Wonderful. Thanks. I was going to call but whenever I think to call it's lunch time and I don't want to bother them when they're probably at their busiest (and then read on hear that they were talking on the phone instead of waiting on you all. LOL)

                                        2. I went back today and I was more impressed. I got there about 4:00 and was the 6th person in line; they had both cash registers going, so the line moved quickly. I got a medium Philadelphia burger (provalone, grilled onions and hot peppers) and a coconut shake for $13+. The shake had a really nice smooth and creamy consistency and I love that whipped cream they use. The coconut was a bit weird; I probably won't get that one again. I want to try the pistachio and the vanilla bean.

                                          The burger was wonderful. I love that combination of toppings, and all their toppings are really top notch. The grilled onions were perfection and I loved the hot peppers - and they were HOT. My mouth was still tingling 30 minutes later -- I like that. With mustard it was divine. The burger is very juicy. By the end of the burger, the bun is soaked -- I like that, too. They serve their burgers with a dill pickle slice and it's a pretty good pickle. The medium seemed very slightly overcooked to me - the medium rare seemed very slightly undercooked. Hmmmm....

                                          This location is comparatively very convenient for me, so I know I'll be back. If it's convenient for you, and you like burgers, I urge you to check it out. If you live near Ray's, no need to bother!

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                                          1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                            Thanks for the follow up review. I've been meaning to check out burger places around DC (I've been here since March, and only have done Shake Shack and Five Guys - both of which are good for fast food, but nothing special). Ray's, BGR, Good Stuff and this place are at the top of my list (along with Palena Cafe).

                                            1. re: mdpilam

                                              I was in Dupont last night so I figured I'd give BGR a shot. Meh. I ordered the Southwestern burger and my gf got the regular with blue cheese and bacon. We also split an order of grilled asparagus. My burger - ordered medium rare, which it most definitely was not - was more like a sloppy joe. I believe on the menu it says chilis, but in actuality it was CHILLI. A big difference. The patty couldn't really be differentiated between the ground beef in the chilli either. It wasn't bad though, but it definitely wasn't what it purported to be and definitely nothing special in terms of burgers (I'd consider it more average). I tried my gf's burger and hers was pretty dry and bland. She did order it well done though, so it's a little expected; however, the burger was actually cooked medium. The asparagus was decent, but a little overly seasoned.

                                              Oh well, another place I can cross off my list of places to go in DC...

                                              PS - I know this is the Bobby's Burger Palace thread, but I figured it's the most recent burger thread. I still will try BBP at some point (and Ray's), but I'm not holding my breath.

                                              1. re: mdpilam

                                                Just get the plain burger. It is fantastic. Mine has always been medium rare with a good char and very juicy. Maybe I'm lucky, but it is GREAT everytime. My favorite burger in the area, including Ray's.

                                                1. re: Steve

                                                  I agree with Steve. Been there three times, always medium, as requested.
                                                  My fav is the plain, or the Cuban & Beef Wellington.
                                                  For me, tied with as good as Ray's when I can't cross the river.
                                                  But again, things change when you change the cook on the grill.

                                                  1. re: RobertM

                                                    I once ordered the Cuban... It is sensational, but I am rarely in the mood for that big a burger.

                                                    1. re: Steve

                                                      I know what you mean!
                                                      Way too much good stuff between those buns.

                                                2. re: mdpilam

                                                  Finally made it over to BBP for lunch with my gf. It was pretty busy; I was in line for 10min, food took another 10 - not bad considering I thought it would take longer and we had an appointment to get to. I ordered the Philadelphia and the Bobby's Blue for her. Mine was medium rare and came as ordered. The beef was pretty good, and the burger was all around solid, but I was hoping for more. It could have used some more onions and maybe some mayo. My gf's burger was a little better than mine, though the blue cheese dressing was a little much. Bun was lackluster. It's amazing that no burger place here really has a good bun (brioche anyone?). I'd put it with the middle of the pack (Black and Orange and BTS).

                                                  Oh, and their sauces were awful (esp. their "jalapeno sauce" - not spicy and tasted like some weird relish)! The least offensive was the chipotle ketchup, but that still wasn't very good.

                                              2. re: woodleyparkhound

                                                Agreed. I think it's the best burger joint in town.

                                                Overall, it was popping with flavor, which I can't say for all of the other top burger joints. Ordered the Santa Fe and it was juicy, with a bit of kick from the peppers to offset the sweetness of the sauce. Cooked perfectly (to order – med rare) and supported by a flavorful seeded bun.

                                                The fries were pretty good as well. Good, potato flavor, light on the oil and with Flay's Fry Sauce, a perfect mix.

                                                Also loved the black and white shake. With a huge straw to help, it went down smooth. Delicious.

                                                I'd now list my fave spots like so:
                                                Bobby's Burger Palace
                                                Elevation Burger
                                                BRG – The Burger Joint
                                                Five Guys
                                                Shake Shack

                                              3. Quiet! Every time we think so, another one or two pop up.

                                                  1. re: mdpilam

                                                    Which I totally disagree with. I don't know what his deal is, but the meat was very flavorful on my visit. It was one of things that stood out for the competition for me.

                                                    The bright side is that maybe it'll help reduce the lines!

                                                    1. re: biscuit

                                                      Different strokes for different folks, Ok
                                                      A me too Circus by design?
                                                      That is what Chow hound is all about. Great food.
                                                      The circus is Ok too,

                                                      1. re: biscuit

                                                        Yea, but then again you think Elevation Burger, BRG and Five Guys are better than Rays, Palena, BLT, and the burger at The Source, so take Biscuit's recs for what they are worth.

                                                        3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

                                                        1. re: ClevelandDave

                                                          Honestly I don't think any burger is better than any of the assorted 'posh' burger joints here in the area. Ray's/BGR/Palena/Central etc. Five Guy's like Shake Shack is for grab em burgers, IMHO Not a bad thing, but not in the same class as the "Posh" crowd.
                                                          Again, everybody likes em for their own reasons, and that usually means different types..
                                                          And add to that you can go to any of those places and a bad cook can ruin what ever you had in mind when you sat down. Except for 5 Guy's Burger king, or McDonalds. Medium anyone? Arriving soon Raw or Well done.

                                                          5 Guys
                                                          6210 Quander Rd, Alexandria, VA 22307

                                                          1. re: RobertM

                                                            I'd agree but Biscuit did not make that discernment and besides, how much more $$ is a Ray's burger than Five Guys? I believe Five Guys is around five dollars and a Ray's is $7.50 ish? I was just at SS and a burger, shake, soda and side ran $21.00.

                                                            As for the consistency issue, that is absolutely an important part of the review/opinion of any restaurant. It is consistency that is one of the hardest things to do and separates the gifted amateur from the professonal. Anyone who can cook can make a good dish once. The true science/art of running a food business is to do a number of dishes well and do them well consistently.

                                                            Flay (or any restaurant) just opening can be forgiven for not being consistent as they figure out how to run things and get their staff and facility in order, but after a while you need to get the consistency right, figure out how to be consistent, or close the doors IMHO....

                                                          2. re: ClevelandDave

                                                            Actually, I left out Ray's accidentally. I haven't been to BLT, Palena or the Source for a burger, so best not to make assumptions before lashing out. And I don't really care what anyone thinks of my opinion. It's simply that – an opinion, which is a good reason I choose not to blindly take everything Tom says as the gospel truth.

                                                            1. re: biscuit

                                                              Thank you for saying what this is all about:What "We" Like, we think good to eat.. The next person has that same option. Not everyone will acknowledge our fav's or personal choices, and that works for me. I'm happy for being clued in to new places, or chow treats. And as many will agree, good, over the top, special, one day, maybe gag grub when you get there, some times. Consistency changes with the cooks, and the good thing about chow hounds is when it is working, go, because it just may be a memory later once the noise quiets down, or the "special' launch cooking crew gets em off the ground and the day in day out crew takes over..
                                                              As always, when it involves human taste, YMMV. Keep up the good work biscuit.

                                                              1. re: RobertM

                                                                Cheers. Thanks, Robert. Well said.

                                                              2. re: biscuit

                                                                Yes taste is subjective. You may think Restaurant Eve sucks and McDonald's is the greatest. And if you've never had the burgers at places like The Source, BLT or Palena, I respectfully invite you to try them before making the uninformed statement that Five Guys and Bobby Flay make the best burgers in town.

                                                                Restaurant Eve
                                                                110 South Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

                                                                3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

                                                                1. re: ClevelandDave

                                                                  I don't, thanks.

                                                                  I take it that makes you the expert by default since you're informed and I'm not. The very thing that seemingly irritates you for some odd reason is what you're now shoving on me. You're real sour about all of this. Not sure why.

                                                                  I'm likely never going to try every burger in town, nor will you.

                                                                  I said they were "my faves." I don't think I crowned myself Master of All Known Burgers in DC. You've taken something that most everyone does here (mentioning their favorites) and turned it into an elitist, personal attack.

                                                                  Last I checked Chowhound wasn't a food critics/experts/snobs paradise, but a place for people who love food.

                                                                  1. re: biscuit

                                                                    Nuff said?
                                                                    This is a journey by choice of discovery. for one thing.
                                                                    Like trying to go to every Pho shop, or BBQ place.
                                                                    And we are all different, in all manner of ways, but we like to eat.
                                                                    Keep sniffing out places to find interesting foods!
                                                                    Post it here, because you know things change all the time.
                                                                    We will vote with our stomachs, as usual.
                                                                    Closely guided by our pocket books.

                                                                    Over time, on several food types, you will find some posters whose taste in food is very similar to your own. Others, not so much.

                                                                    Keep an open mind, read, eat, figure it out, move on.
                                                                    This is still a free country.
                                                                    When miffed, or vexed, think, "these are not the droids you are looking for".....

                                                                    As they are reported, I’m sure I will check some out just to see for my self.
                                                                    Glad to have the heads up from others.
                                                                    The best is a moving target when it comes to food, music performances.
                                                                    Enjoy your finds, and let's us check em out.
                                                                    That is how we all got here anyway.

                                                          3. re: mdpilam

                                                            Hmmm... I like it more than he does and think the meat is flavorful and very juicy, but on my last couple of visits I have found the service really irritating. I have been there when there is little traffic, around 4 p.m. on a weekday, and there are gaggles of employees standing around talking to each other right in front of me at the register and no one paying the slightest bit of attention to me standing there waiting. Also, on my last visit I got a Philadelphia burger, the second time I've had one. The first time it was sublime, the second time, not so much. There were very few grilled onions on it, unlike the first time when they were copious and delicious and the cheese was strangely congealed. Also, I really wish they would put more than a tablespoon of whipped cream on their shakes; it's really good.

                                                          4. I was driving through College Park Saturday evening, and saw signage for a Bobby's Burger Palace on the west side of Route 1, just north of campus.

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                                                            1. re: Mister Big

                                                              He's been posting on Twitter that they are hiring for that location.

                                                              1. re: Manassas64

                                                                Stopped by the College Park location tonight grabbed a Miami Burger and a black and white milkshake. The burger was flavorful however the tops were not. The bun was nothing special similar to Five Guys. The milkshake was very thick and had wonderful flavor. Its a solid burger spot I would put it on the same level as Five Guys. The staff was attentive and friendly.

                                                            2. Went there for lunch on Saturday. It seemed to be GW parents weekend - so the line was long. We probably waited 20 minutes to order which seemed a little too long (the line went to the door but not out of it). We ordered two burgers - the regular and the Philadelphia - both medium, fries, onion rings, and 2 fountain sodas - I think it was ~$27. Everyone seemed to be waiting for food and a few people around us sent their burgers back for not being cooked correctly. It took about 15 minutes for us to get our food. The burgers were under cooked (one was medium rare and the other was in between rare and medium rare) but we aren't super picky about that. They were good but the buns got very soggy and the toppings on the Philly burger were lost. The fries were mediocre and the onion rings were too big and too battered. I liked the various sauces - the chipotle ketchup was very good. Also, the place was pretty messy - garbage on the floors etc.. The place was fair.

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                                                              1. re: dcgdc

                                                                Wow. I've been dying to go to this place. I am glad I am reading all these reviews. We have a ton of five guys around us but not any bobby flay's.