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Aug 3, 2011 11:50 AM

Has anyone been to Chestnut 7?

I had heard months ago that the owner of Bridget's was opening a restaurant in Chestnut Hill (in the old Solaris spot) and kinda forgot about it. I saw a reference to Chestnut 7 on FB, goggled it and turns out this is it, and it's open! I didn't hear anything about it so I assume they are doing a soft opening, has anyone been yet? I'm dying for some info and there is no website yet.

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  1. My husband and I went there Thursday night (we couldn't wait in the 30 minute long lines at the Night Market). We shared the "Chop" salad that had a sweet chili dressing. The salad had very long shreds of things and eating the salad required you to do more chopping of your own. Loved the dressing though.

    I had the pizza with sausage. It was decent, not great. My husband was happy with his pork chop. His initial order was the fried chicken but the chef "wasn't happy with the recipe yet."

    Just a note about the scene. We walked in and the noise level was so loud at the reception stand that we had to shout to be heard. The bar area has been expanded and the wall between the bar and the main dining room was removed, so it makes for one large loud space. They've removed half the tables on the patio, which seems strange because that has always been the big draw for me (not Solaris's food). We did eat on the patio and it was a treat simply to be outside.

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      I was afraid it wouldn't be an improvement on Solaris...whose food wasn't great.

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        It is early days yet and I will give it another try, as long as I can sit somewhere where I can hear myself think.

    2. Went w/ a friend and had a pleasant time but it won't be a destination. Granted we didn't have entrees we just shared a few apps: Cheese Fonduti and the wings but from what we did have it seemed serviceable. The fonduti wasn't awful but was more like a cheese dip. Seeing the name we expected what you get at a Mexican restaurant: warm dense cheese w/ bits of chorizo pork. Wings were dry rubbed and grilled which made them light. Not bad. Beer, wine and cocktails were solid and atmosphere and service were good; altho it was more noisy than expected. Crowd was suprisingly young for Chesnut Hill I thought. Wondered where they'd all come from. Should do well in the area along w/ Iron Hill coming on line next year.

      1. I finally made it there a few weeks ago and don't have plans to return soon. I suppose I had high expectations and was thinking it would be a little more like Bridget's. Of course I realize they are two totally different places but you (at least I) come to expect the same quality in terms of food, decor, etc. I would sum it up as a sports bar with totally average food.

        We were a large group and I was able to try a few appetizers (meatball slider was the best one), salads and pizzas. I am a pizza snob and this did not come close to measuring up. A few in our group ordered the special (grouper with smashed potatoes, green beans and a truffle butter) which I didn't try but it looked delicious and they said it was so. Perhaps meals are the way to go here and forget the smaller bites but with such a limited menu there's not much to choose from. I will eventually try back again, maybe during a game but definitely not for a Saturday night out.

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          I'd like to see it do well. The name title though - I assume it's based on the 247 phone numbers, like "Butterfield 8" - kinda bugs me.

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            The name is the only thing I like.