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Aug 3, 2011 11:42 AM

Need Nashville Recommendations!

My best friend and I have chosen NASHVILLE for our annual Health & Wellness trip (which means 4 days of fun, food and adventure). We'll be in town August 18-22nd. I'm a HUGE fan of Southern food and BBQ...but I also want to make sure we eat traditional Nashville/Tennessee foods.

We are on a bit of a budget, but will probably do one nice meal.

Any tips on the following questions would be MUCH appreciated:

1. Must eat food in Nashville- and where to eat it!
2. Must have drink in Nashville- and where to find it!
3. Should we rent a car for a day or two to be able to explore around the city? Are there some food places a bit farther out of town that shouldn't be missed?
4. Top 10 attractions/things to do!

Thanks much!

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  1. Hot chicken: Prince's, Bolton's, or 400 Degrees. Prince's is the original but also way outside of the city if you're concerned about distance. Bolton's and 400 Degrees are both centrally located very close to downtown.

    Arnold's for southern, everything is good there. I'm a big fan of their fried green tomatoes, the meatloaf, the roast beef, and their mac & sure to try a piece of pie or bread pudding.

    Try a locally made chocolate bar from Olive & Sinclair, you'll find it at most of the coffee shops in town. Paletas from Las Paletas, you can find it at their retail store or at Hot & Cold,

    You can take a tour of the Yazoo brewery and have a pint. Most of the local bars also serve Yazoo. Their hefe is perfect for this weather. If you're a fan of good coffee, try Crema just a few miles away from downtown.

    For craft cocktails, check out The Patterson House, Holland House, or Number 308.

    Renting a car is a great idea, while most of the places I've mentioned are centrally located...a few of the locations are outside of downtown.

    The Patterson House
    1711 Division Street, Nashville, TN

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      Pete's recs are excellent. I would also add Martin's in Nolensville for BBQ, or B&C (Farmer's Market or Melrose) in town. City House for your "nice" dinner -- awesome food & cocktails but casual atmosphere. Virago and Watermark would also be worth a look.

      City House
      1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

    2. If you're late diners F Scotts is 50% off food after 9 so you can catch the early show at the Opry and eat out. Really, go to the Opry. Everyone I know, including me, is amazed at how much fun it is. Also F Scotts features the areas best jazz artists and they are top notch.

      1. For drinks, go to Holland House after 9 on Friday or Saturday. Starting at 9 on those days, the mixologists whip up their punch. The punch changes each day and is always something new and exciting; using house-made syrups. Every one I've tried has been great and is only $5/glass for a large highball size. Best deal in town!

        For entertainment, one of the most fun things I've done in the city is the NashTrash Tour. It is a comedy bus tour through the city, hosted by the "Jugg Sisters". Very Funny! I hear they also have a dinner mystery tour now that stops at Monelle's at the Manor -- true Southern eats done family style. They have a website for reservations, pricing and details. I think it's either or

        1. Thank you SO much for the great advice!

          1. I highly recommend Monell's at the Manor. I've tried their entire menu and can honestly say everything is great. Great simple, southern cooking. We always treat guests to breakfast on Saturday/ Sunday mornings. Who doesn't love fried chicken with breakfast?!