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Aug 3, 2011 10:19 AM

Piquillo Peppers - Where to buy...not too far from Bucks county?

To my horror, Trader Joes discontinued their delicious, well priced jars of piquillo peppers. Does anyone know another place where I can buy them in the Bucks/Mercer or even Montco area? None of the standard grocery stores in this area stock them...its Italian roasted red peppers or nothing around here. But they aren't the same!
I can always order them on line from La Tienda but they are kind of pricey especially once you add shipping costs.

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  1. In CC Whole Foods often has them, as does the Superfresh on Delaware Ave (Columbus Blvd)

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    1. re: Bigley9

      Thanks. Maybe the Whole Foods in Princeton (which is closer for me) will have them too. I'm sure they won't the be bargain price of the TJs though. Nothing at Whole Foods ever is.

      1. re: Bigley9

        You're kidding me? Superfresh has piquillo peppers?

        I will have to have a look at CC Whole Foods. You mean Callowhill? I thought all the Whole Foods had discontinued them. Haven't seen them in WG which is my regular or Princeton, Plymouth Mtg or Cherry Hill.

        1. re: middleagedfoodie

          I nearly passed out when I saw them at superfresh amongst the regular roasted peppers. I only hope it wasn't a mistake and they never have them again!
          I saw them at WF's on South Street - cant swear to how recently though since I dont go there alot.

      2. Those trader Joe's Piquillo's were so cheap because they're Peruvian. They're good but not "the real thing," for what that's worth. Spanish piquillos are expensive even in Spain. Even there, most grocery store piquillos are from Peru. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've bought the same ones in Spain that Trader Joes was selling here - same shaped jar, different label.
        That said, Dibruno's has expensive, small jars of real Spanish piquillos.

        1. Here is a bargain, downtown foodies will not expect to hear: Garces Trading Co has piquillos, made in Spain for $5 a jar. One ounce less than the normal sized jar, but still way cheaper than anything I found online. Just ordered six online, so I only bought two while at Garces.