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Aug 3, 2011 09:09 AM

Pizza e Pazzi - St. Clair/Dufferin - New Neapolitan place

Saw a write up on Blogto about this place and it looks good from the pictures. I searched on here but didn't find any results with "pazzi" so not sure if there is an existing thread on it or not.

Any CHers been yet?

Address: 1182 St. Clair Avenue West


Pizza e Pazzi
1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA

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  1. Was just there this weekend. Good thin crust pizza with very good texture/light crust. Sauce was little runny on the Margarita, the buffalo mozzarella was very tasty. Very friendly, knowledgable service - kid friendly. All in all, good experience, very good for a neighbourhood place. I will def be back when I'm in that hood.

      1. re: Davwud

        I think it looks promising as well and I'm looking forward to trying it. The only thing I don't like is that they seem to have taken a page out of Terroni's book, as their website states that they won't allow any substitutions on their pizzas. Although I like the food @ Terroni's I won't go back there for that very reason.

        1. re: kwass

          I must admit, the two pizza's and salads we ordered were straight off the menu, didn't try to substitute. I really hope they don't have the Terroni attitude to modifications, that's a big turn off. Our server seemed very friendly and answered our questions with a cheerful attitude and appropriate detail.

          1. re: DDD

            Apparently they do have the Terroni attitude to modifications. I went to their website and it lists their "rules", two of which are no 1/2 1/2 on their pizzas and no substitutions.

      2. I've been here for lunch, and it was a pretty good Neapolitan pie. They've got a nice oven, and the pizza had a wonderful char. It's a bit pricier (10-20%) than Libretto for a similar product. I love this style of pizza, so I'll probably be back regularly if they can keep up a decent level of quality. I think it's the kind of place that's worth visiting if you live in the neighbourhood, but I probably wouldn't make a cross-town trip to eat here unless they make some kind of quality leap from "nice pizza" to "wow, I felt like I was in Italy!"

        As for family-friendly, we took our 3-week old son, and the staff were fantastic with us. That alone is worth another trip for me at this point!

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        1. re: Underdog Rally

          In your opinion, is the pizza better than Libretto's?

          1. re: kwass

            I enjoyed the spicy sausage pizza I had at pizza e pazzi more than the equivalent at Libretto. My wife's ham and mushroom pizza was way too mild and poorly seasoned compared to something similar at Libretto. I think the crusts were pretty similar. If they were side by side, I'd choose Libretto for the better value, especially with their lunch prix fixe.

            It's hard to make a judgement. I've only been here once, while I've been to Libretto/QMP multiple times with experiences that varied from much better to much worse than Pizza e Pazzi. It's really just a nice neighbourhood pizza joint with an updated "trendy" look.

            One additional comment... we went when the restaurant was pretty empty after the lunch rush, and pizza production was still slow. I don't know what it would be like during a dinner rush, but the pizza station looked a bit cramped.

            Pizza e Pazzi
            1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA

            1. re: Underdog Rally

              Went here for supper last night at around 6pm. And it was the right time, there were only 2 tables with couples seated at each. About 10 minutes after we were seated the place just swelled up.

              I also enjoyed the spicy salami pizza and by far was the best one I have had in comparison to either PL or QMP.

              Pizza e Pazzi had just the right amount of char, I have found that QMP seems to have too much, but I will admit, I have not gone there too many times.

              There were only 2 things that I had a problem with.
              1. The noise, as with PL, this has always been a problem, but with P&P given the tighter space, it seems more accentuated. Alos, the semi-open kitchen runs the length of the East wall. So every time the dumped dishes and utensils into the sink, there was an immensely loud crash.

              2. Very, very minor point, but I found the lighting to be distracting. All those bare bulbs with wires emanating from bare octagonal electrical boxes, made it look like cobweb of wires on very attractive coffered ceiling.

              Again, minor points, and I am just glad is it is not too far away.

              Will definitely return again.

              Pizza e Pazzi
              1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA

              1. re: Lazar

                After seeing these posts told my son about it since he lives in the area. He walked by the other day and was delighted to see a sign in the store window saying it serves traditional aperitivo (happy hour with drinks and appetizers very popular in Italy). Now that would be great. Anyone tried it there?

        2. I went to this place last week with my wife. It was great. I honestly have not had pizza this good since I was in Naples 4 years ago. We went very basic - 1 margherita and 1 marinara. The crust is excellent. Make sure to ask for the chili oil which is a great alternative to chili flakes - it made the pizza taste even better.

          We had bruschetta and calamari as apps. We wanted the risotto balls but they had sold out by 8 pm. The bruschetta was excellent, dripping with olive oil. The calamari was "egh". Overall, very good meal.

          One negative to the pizza may be the tomato sauce. I have had better. But crust-wise, this is the best I have had in Toronto.

          Will definitely go back.

          1. I walked by tonight around 9pm and there looked to be a line out the door to get a table. On my way back that direction 30 minutes later the line had cleared. There was a sign on the door saying they will be closed August 29, 2011 for a staff appreciation day. Just a heads up for anyone planning to go that day as I imagine that info may not be posted elsewhere!

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            1. re: ylsf

              My husband and I went to Pizza e Pazzi on Sunday night, I had the arugula red pizza and he had a pepperoni. I also had a glass of red wine. We were early enough to not have to wait. We both loved the crust (as good as Libretto), but found it was skimpy on the cheese and I found the amount of arugula sparse. I ended up taking the cheese off half of my pie and my husband put it on the second half of his and he liked it much better. Perhaps this is sacreligious to "neopolitan" pizza, but I guess it boils down to personal taste. The wine was fabulous and very reasonable at $8/glass. It is a lovely spot and a very nice addition to the hood. Will we run back? Not for the pizza, but maybe for the pasta,

              Pizza e Pazzi
              1182 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON , CA