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Aug 3, 2011 09:01 AM

Hammersmith's (Gerrard and Logan) - great brunch!

Thanks to millygirl and soko in this thread: for bringing Hammersmith's to my attention. DH and I are happy to travel far and wide for our breakfasts (Goody's Diner in Scarborough was the last foray) and Riverdale was our destination today.

The space is a former diner that retains a lot of its diner charm, but with a much needed cleaning and whitewashing! Huge windows mean the space feels bright and airy.

The menu is small and changes slightly from day to day. Today the menu consisted of:

- steak and eggs ($14
)- smoked bacon omelette ($12)
- mushroom omelette ($9)
- steak sammy ($9)
- tomato, basil and burrata (?)
- bacon hash ($5)
- freshly baked scones with Ontario-grown raspberries ($1.25 each, plus there is a platter option with 3 scones, honeycomb, jam and butter)
- cupcakes (not sure what kind, as she was just frosting them as we were leaving)

DH ha the mushroom and cheese omelette, which was served with toasted baguette slices and a perfect green salad of lightly dressed arugula and green leaf lettuce garnished with some shaved radish and red onion. The omelette was cooked perfectly and the mushrooms were fresh and delicious. I was drawn to the bacon hash, which is actually meant to be a side order, but they kindly increased the portion for me to be a main, which I got with a side of the toasted baguette. The bacon is amazing quality (possibly from Sanagan's?) and the hash is made with loads of caramelized onions and small cubes of roasted potatoes. It was rich and savoury and soooooo good (photo below)

I also started with a scone, because I couldn't resist when he told me they had just come out of the oven an hour ago. The scones are just the right size in my books, not the giant bread bombs you get at Starbucks. It was crispy and flaky on the outside and tender and light on the inside. Not sweet at all, but with a nice hit of sweetness from the fresh berries and the sugar crystals on the outside. Excellent.

Good coffee and REAL grapefruit juice (squeezed on site) rounded out a great brunch. The couple that owns it are young and incredibly nice and I wish them well.

The current hours are 9am - 4pm Mon - Fri (closed Tuesdays) and 9:30am - 4pm on the weekend. The menu is the same all day. Go and give them a try.

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  1. I'm so thrilled! Britney and Colin used to work with my BF at resto here in the city a few years ago. I'm really happy to see all of the positive feedback from the group. We will have to get there soon to try the food and toast the couple!

    1. It's on my list to try! Breakfast some morning before work...

      1. Went back to Hammersmith's this weekend and had another lovely meal. I had the chicken salad sandwich, which was served on their multi-grain baguette with their side salad. BUT...the best part of ordering the chicken salad sandwich was the fact that they serve crispy chicken skin on the side, with some sriracha and pommery mustard! Yippee, chicken skin! DH had the bacon omelette, which he declared perfect for him. Afterwards, I decided to order the scone plate, which (for $5) consists of 3 small scones (Ontario wild blueberries this time) and a small dish of honeycomb honey and homemade (I think) strawberry jam.

        Service was as friendly as the first time around and the vibe is laid back. A really nice spot to enjoy a leisurely meal.

        As I was paying, I spotted the truly yummy looking chocolate chip and cocoa nib cookies and had to buy one to go. It was probably my favourite chocolate chip cookie I've purchased in a bakery or restaurant in a looooong time. Buttery, crispy and chewy. Perfect.

        Some photos below. I put a spoon next to the chocolate chip cookie to show scale. It's a big mother.

        These guys are consistently busy on the weekend, but are still pretty slow during the week. So if you have the chance, please go during the week and give these guys the business they deserve. Note: closed Tuesdays.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Very slow on the week days... but I may have to go back for that chicken sandwich!

          1. re: jlunar

            What did you try there before? The chicken sandwich was very nice, but I could have use a slightly higher filling to bread ratio (and I usually don't like overloaded sandwiches). The owner said that most people don't touch the chicken skin. How sad.

            I should mention that there was a gorgeous-looking cured salmon fillet with a salad loaded with fresh peas over the weekend. There was also a fresh pea and corn salad that I would have ordered had DH wanted to split it with me.

            1. re: TorontoJo

              I've had the salmon salad, which was really good value in my opinion. I got the corn and pea salad which was only okay. It was a bit soggy to me and very straight-forward. I've also had the mushroom omelette, which was nice. The duck hash was tasty too. I really enjoy their peach lemonade.

              Gah. Photos. Have them. Must process. So behind.

        2. I went there a few weeks ago for lunch and it was delicious. Had the chicken salad sandwich and really enjoyed it and loved the salad too. The extra pommery mustard was nice, but no chicken skin with mine. Not fancy, just very good ingredients made with care. Went on a Tuesday, and it was not busy at all; glad they're doing well on weekends. Looking forward to going back soon to try something else.

          1. We just went there for breakfast. I loved my mushroom omelette & the kids had the bacon omelette. The side salad was also great. But the best part - my husband had the duck plate. Duck hash and a fried duck egg. He said it was the best fried egg he's ever had. It's a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

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              I just noticed this thread and so glad you liked it TorontoJo.
              Just reading this, I've decided we're going tomorrow. Can't wait. Hopefully they will have scones.