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Aug 3, 2011 09:01 AM

Downtown Pittsburgh in October

I am taking an art/architecture tour with the Art Institute of Chicago and am staying at the Renaissance Marriott on 6th St. I would appreciate suggestions of excellent restaurants; I have no food preference except for good taste to please my palate. Is Lidia's any good? Thanks

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  1. Lidia's is one of my favorite restauarants, esp. Saturday and Sunday brunch (choice of entree, plus antipasto and dessert tables, $24). The pasta tasting is offered at all meals, and I recommend it highly. You get to eat as much as you like from a choice of three different fresh pastas. I usually find I like one better than the other two, and I just eat that one. And you can get your last plate to take back to your hotel.

    Penn Ave. Fish Company is another favorite. It's close to the hotel and offers the best fish in town. At lunch, it's downright cheap.

    Here is a recent thread you might find helpful:

    1. First Off, Karen.. October is my favorite month in Western PA. Just cold enough to wear a sweater, but warm enough to still be outside. This might not be the majority , but I love October. How many days ? week or weekend?

      The recent thread link that Jay provided is one of the best collective reviews of Pittsburgh food I have seen. It is easier to pick a place on preferences... good food has many meanings to people-- however that link won't let you down

      One word of caution... In general you MUST PLAN for a good meal in Pittsburgh. Most hotels will recomend garbage or push pirmantis ....

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        I will be there Oct 11-14 and have 2 free nights for dinner. Trip takes care of lunches and first and last dinners. Hello and goodbye celebrations. ^_^ Thank you both for your input and I will use the thread provided. I like October, as well.

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          I agree that the thread that Jay recommeded is a good resource. I would recommend that you make at least one trip up to Mount Washington on a nice day and take in the view. There are a number of pretty good restaurants there, (not great, pretty good!) but the view is tremendous!

          pic from there is here:

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            Thanks, alas I am on a tour and cannot deviate. Written in stone, you know. We are doing all the art and architecture of note. I am looking forward to this. I am also doing art and architecture in Michigan in November, but don't need any restaurant recommendations for that trip; all included.