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Aug 3, 2011 08:52 AM

Late Breakfast spot near Cross West Chester Expy

Meeting a couple friends tomorrow morning. I'll be coming across the TZB, they're coming up the New Eng. Thruwy. White Plains or there abouts seems like a good place to meet. Read some comments here about City Limits Diner and Star Diner. One guest is a native Afghani visiting US for first time so would like to give him a typical experience. If there were a funky little coffee shop/breakfast place that might be preferred. Otherwise a NY/NJ style diner would do. How do those 2 places compare and is there any other option.

City Limits Diner
200 Central Ave, White Plains, NY 10606

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  1. City Limits Diner is not a typical diner experience. The Livano family just decided to put "Diner" in the name of this large, expansive restaurant as part of stylings they chose for it. It's been very popular since it opened, which is a big contrast to "Livano's", their previous attempt on the same site. I've been pretty happy with breakfast (e.g. chorizo & egg quesadilla w/guacamole), lunch (e.g. burgers), and dinner (e.g. veal meatloaf).

    The Star Diner is REALLY a diner, with just a handful of small booths plus maybe a dozen stools at the counter in a classic diner-car with original fittings. I would get the scrambled eggs w/cheese and ask for French fries instead of the home fries. Followed by a shake. But that's just me.

    For non-locals, the relative ease of reaching City Limits from I-287 may outweigh the authenticity of the Star Diner. Maybe that's a minor issue in this age of widespread GPS use; I'll let you decide.

    City Limits Diner
    200 Central Ave, White Plains, NY 10606

    1. I have eaten at City Limits and it is ok. I think it tries to be a little more inventive than most diners and the food may be better than most diners. If I wanted inventive I would probably go somewhere else like a real ethnic joint though.

      However, if Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains isn't too far off I-287, Splendid Coffee shop has pretty good diner type food. It's more of a breakfast coffee shop than a traditional diner, but I think the food is actually a little better than most diners. At least the foods seemed fairly fresh and not processed. I rarely eat American food when I dine out because I think I can do better myself for less, but I enjoyed the food at Splendid. Not sure but the owners might be Greek.

      I remember someone got a turkey burrito that tasted like real roast turkey meat (nothing like a mexican burrito).

      If you want a true diner, there are some in Tarrytown (Tarrytown Diner and El Dorado), but they get mixed reviews. I have never eaten at either, but I never expect great food from a diner.