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Aug 3, 2011 08:13 AM

SAVEURS' "Le Carnet de Route", 2011

"Les meilleurs adresses de SAVEURS enfin réunies". Saveurs magazine has published a collection of its recommended addresses in Paris and throughout France: restaurants, hotels, maisons des hotes, wines and food producers. As I thumb through it, I see many of our favorite stops and many dozens others that ignite my wanderlust.

It is available at kiosks throughout France, at international magazine shops and probably online from the SAVEURS website. 7,90€ well spent.

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  1. I bought this Carnet and found it sort of disappointing. Eclectic selection of tables, to say the least.

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      Hmm, I thought you meant the Yunnanese restaurant "Carnet de route", which actually has very good noodles. Great broth.

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        I suppose one could say that. And I guess that is why it appeals to me. It is the collected recommendations from "Carnets" from past issues of the magazine in which food and wine of a specific area are explored along with the places to eat and stay that the editors consider worth discovering. A few Michelin places may be featured, but more often the selections are less obvious choices that visitors would be hard pressed to find on their own. As I said earlier, flipping through it, I found many of the jewels we have visited and often returned to again and again. The recs are most often small and passionately run by people who know and love their regions.