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Aug 3, 2011 07:53 AM

Best Steak Restaurant in Toronto - Suggestions?

Hi all,

I couldn't find any recent posts on this topic.

My husband's birthday is coming up this weekend. He really enjoys steak.

1) The location can be anywhere in Toronto or up in York Region.
2) There is no price limit - I will pay over $100 for the steak if it is worth it.
3) I don't care about wine lists or any other food - just that they have good steak.

Please advise!

Thank you!

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  1. Hands down IMO Jacob & Co on Brant street. AMAZING steak and some delish sides as a bonus.

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    1. re: JennaBean

      Jacobs & Co. would get my vote as well, though Harbour 60 also has some great steaks too.

      Jacobs & Co
      12 Brant Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2M1, CA

      1. re: tjr

        +1 for Jacob's and co. Agree hands down best steak house in the city - bar none. I'm a huge steak eater and have been to almost every steak house in the city - but none compare to Jacobs and Co. You also need to order the table side caeser - best in the city.

        Morton's is a chain and I will only go there in a squeeze. (ps, in 6 visits, never had a properly cooked medium-rare steak there - they always screw it up - but they do have great smoked salmon)
        Harbour 60 has above-average steaks, but they're only aged 28 days - the steaks are better at Jacobs and co, and so are the sides, apps, and desserts.

        1. re: justpete

          The duck fat fries at Jacobs are also pretty great.

            1. re: tjr

              lol, I love them with Ketchup. Don't tell anyone.

              Man, see now what we've done? I'm now calling Jacobs and co to have dinner tonight. Arg!

              1. re: justpete

                Oh that's interesting but I'm not a ketchup fan so I don't think it would be my cup o tea! I haven't been to in about three months. Almost time for a steak feast!

      2. I know everyone on here will list something else


        I love Morton's
        4 Avenue Road at Prince Arthur
        -right across from the Four Seasons Hotel

        It is my go-to place for steak.
        I always get the "Bone-in Filet Mignon"
        (not on the menu, you have to ask for it
        )I think it went for about $55
        The bone-in makes it so juicy & moist, along with the char-grilled flavour
        Seriously ONE GREAT STEAK!

        It is absoooooooooooolutely fabulous

        I have never had a bad experience there
        Always perrrrrrrfectly cooked (I get it med-rare)
        It is pure perfection!

        I have never made reservations there
        But you may want to in case....and perhaps 'request' the Filet Bone-in
        Only once, did they not have it. I have had it about 6 times now

        Have a pre-drink at the bar.....great to watch the bartenders and people watch
        The staff is really nice. Great Service. Always the same faces, which is rare in a restaurant.
        The dining room is warm, inviting and always hoping. A+++++++++

        PS.....I did go to Jacobs once, but not my thing.

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        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          My rating and those I dine with....
          1. Harbour60
          2. Mortons/Jacobs

          1. re: NoFixedAddress

            I feel like Morton is all sizzle and no substance. I don't enjoy the food there at all but alas that is what makes this board such a great resouce we all bring something differnet to the table.

            I do have to day that I'm curious to know the origin of the steak if they can do a bone-in filet mignon for that price point. That's really cheap considering the limited number you get per cow. I'm a ribeye person myself so I would never order this cut but it is a really good deal if that's your thing and the meat if dry-aged and from a good supplier.

              1. re: lamaranthe

                I really don't like to spend my money in chains full stop.

            1. Might want to read this H60 thread first, especially the part about the 500% markup on wine, the highest of any restaurant in Toronto:


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              1. re: TexSquared

                Whether or not it's overpriced isn't the question, especially considering the OP's post.

                1. re: tjr

                  Not to mention that the wine prices are no longer out of control at Harbor and haven't been for over 2 years now. It would be best to revisit a restaurant within the past 2 years before judging it openly on a site like this. Just more helpful, honest and fair to the proprietor.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. H60 if money no object.
                  Morton is a safe bet but not exceptional as mentioned here.
                  Haven't tried Jacobs but have always read good things about it.

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                  1. re: elvisahmed

                    No, not H60 if money is no object - Jacob's and Co is a better steakhouse - with better food, and better steaks - and incidentally, also has much more expensive steaks on it's menu from time to time - ie, a $500 Wagyu.

                    1. re: justpete

                      I've had the Wagyu flatiron! So good!

                      1. re: justpete

                        As I mentioned I haven't been to Jacob but have always heard good things about it. A client took me for dinner at H60 and we spent a good hunk of money there I was surprised to see the final tab as I thought it was way high. H60 has great ambiance and old world charm IMO and is by no means a sub standard steakhouse. Again everything is relative if its about dropping 500$ on a single steak why doesn't the OP have a chef come over and grill a steak for him :) I am sure he can buy the most expensive meat here in TO and have it grilled to his liking.

                        1. re: elvisahmed

                          I agree that it has old world charm and ambiance, and I actually do like the decor - it is one of my favourite things about it - and although their steaks are decent, their accompaniments are sub-par... and their are much better steaks in the city - money shouldn't be the deciding factor, quality should be. Just because H60 is the most expensive, it doesn't make it the best in the city - just the most expensive.

                          I might also add that the best single steak in the city, IMO, can be found at Splendido - it's 60 dry-aged ribeye, but, the best "steak house" is Jacob's and Co - which is what the OP was requesting.

                          88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

                          1. re: justpete

                            The ribeye at Spendido comes with the best buttery king mushrooms ever!!!

                            1. re: JennaBean

                              No kidding.. and the gnocchi!! So delicious! God, I'm starving. lol.

                              btw Jenna, have you ever had the 100-day dry aged? They only have it once in a while...

                        2. re: justpete

                          I agree Jacobs offers some better steaks, but at a price!