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Aug 3, 2011 07:26 AM

Wild blueberries in MI?

I know we produce tons of standard blueberries, but does Michigan produce any wild blueberries?When I say wild, I don't necessarily mean foraged, just the "wild" lowbush cultivar with the tiny berries. They're pretty easy to find in Ontario, but I haven't found them here yet. I miss them!

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    1. re: Wooderson

      Oh, this is very exciting! I should have known the UP would come through. Thanks, Wooderson!

    2. There's a lot of blueberry picking around Marquette. I like to go to Sands Township, which is near K.I. Sawyer Airport in Gwinn. There's also good picking near Hogback Mountain north of town. Right now people are out, but I hear that the berries are small this year.

      1. I have wild blueberries at my cabin east of Grayling on the Au Sable and many of the trails I walk while fly fishing have blueberries and raspberries along them.