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Aug 3, 2011 07:23 AM

What kind od place is restuarant Iris

will be visiting soon and I keep seeing it in the best of Memphis as a winner. is it high end local ingredients , Nouveau American. Can someone help me out

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  1. Creole, with French technique and an extensive focus on seasonal, local ingredients. Easily the best Memphis restaurant by leaps and bounds

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    1. re: dailybread8383

      Does it compare to Nola, Commanders Palace, and some of New Orleans best. it sound wonderful. how does it compare to NyC high end as well but i have to say the NYC creole french is the pits as well as the BBQ

      1. re: coachrbc

        My parents swear that its about even with, Restaurant August in Nola, the chef is from Louisiana and his interpretations of Creole dishes are unmatched in my opinion. some of the best meals of my life have been at Iris

          1. re: coachrbc

            It's very different from anything in NYC.

            Chef English trained under Besh and ran a Besh restaurant at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica. August is probably the closest comparison although they are very different.

            I would put Iris on par with any of the best restaurants in the south. Get ready for a decadant meal.

            1. re: klebb

              need a special place for my bw's 60th what is your take on my choices
              1 Capital Grille
              2 Miel
              3 Park Cafe
              4 Margot
              5 Watermark Cafe
              Any other suggestions would be welcome as well

      2. re: dailybread8383

        I ate there for the first time this weekend. The service was great and the food exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely be back soon.