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Aug 3, 2011 07:06 AM

Greek - Mamaroneck

Anyone know anything about a new Greek restaurant opening up on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck, sort of across from Applebee's (same strip & side as Phyllis Victor). Name starts with an "N" but can't remember it (it was hailing as I drove by, mind you).

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    Thanks for telling us, I wonder if it's anywhere near Elia and Santorini's league

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      Oh wait, the owners were the same as Nikos in White Plains (never tried it, any good?) and Artie's City Island (never tried it, but very wary of the CI)

    2. The name is Nimea. It is across the street from what used to be applebee's (now closed). We have been there twice and liked it. very good fish and salads.

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        Nemea - have enjoyed most of what we've had there. One item that really disappointed was the chicken gyro. Not what I expect from gyro at all. Was more like dried up pulled/shredded dark chicken meat - tasteless and unappealing. After a bit that included some cartilage it was all over for me.

        Otherwise a very nice addition to the area.

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          Agree re their chicken gyro being very unappetizing, and since that's a go-to dish in any Greek restaurant, it's no small point.

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            Who has the best chicken Gyro? I usually go to Long Island to Chicken Kabob in Roslyn. Is there any good chicken gyro in Westchester?

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              Though I have not had the gyro at Elia Taverna, I would think it would be good because everything else there is very good.

              1. re: valerie

                the chicken gyro at elia taverna is very good.

                  1. re: raider

                    .That's the one thing there I've eaten so far that I really didn't care for. It wasn't 'gyro like' to me at all - plain dark meat chicken, unseasoned, shredded and dry. The dry was most surprising considering it was all or mostly dark meat. I think it is not like gyro but more akin to shwarma although not a very good version.

                    Granted, I tried it many months ago shortly after they opened and maybe it's improved since then but friends that ate it there different times concurred.

          2. Tried Nemea for the first time last night. Mixed review. The restaurant itself is nice/comfortable, nothing fancy. We were there on a Saturday night with a res. We were offered a table inside or outside -- tempted to sit outside on a beautiful evening but the proximity of the cars on Boston Post Rd was a deterrent. Inside, the music was loud, all base, and every table seemed to be below a speaker. They did turn it down and dinner got underway. All courses took a little too long to come, but it was a Saturday nite -- they were pretty full, but not 100%. Our waiter was competent and explained dishes and the kitchen made note of special requests -- a plus. I had a wonderful Greek salad -- very fresh and very large, w/good dressing on the side at my request. My SO had the mussels -- at $15, don't bother -- each one was gritty with sand and should have been sent back. Main courses after a long wait were good, although at $30 or $31, my whole sea bass was very small -- it was boned in the kitchen, so probably looked smaller than it was, but it could definitely have been larger. The strip steak special my SO ordered was huge ($33). He said it was tasty, but the steak was tough and rare rather than medium rare as ordered. Again, he could have sent it back for another minute of cooking,but didn't. My excellent lemon potatoes came to the table about 5 minutes after my fish, with apologies. We passed on dessert. Bill (with 4 glasses of wine) was about $30 higher than our usual Sat. nite dinner. Worth it? Eh. Service was seriously lacking. Our waiter was stretched very thin and at some points during the meal and trying to get the check, we almost had to stand and wave to get anyone's attention. Several wait people were standing around while ours was hustling and did not help cover for him. The food was good overall and we're not going to cross it off based on Sat. eve but they have a little tweaking to do.

            1. Yes, It is one of the worst restaurants I have ever eaten in. There was 4 of us, 1 greet, 2 who just came back from spending 1 month there and 1 not experienced in greek food, except what I have cooked. Nothing on the menu that we ordered was anything near real Greek food, not even the yogurt and cucumber sauce. I had the string beans made in tomato sauce, it tasted like a tin can, never had anything so bad. Would never go back there.