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Aug 3, 2011 07:01 AM

Help with Zucchini

After a slow start, the garden is starting to yield a bounty of perfect zucchini and smaller delicious summer squash (Papaya Pear and Scallopini). In addition to grilled and stir fried, some of our favorites are :

Baked Zucchini stuffed with sausage, diced walnuts, and feta
Zucchini Bread, and
Zucchini Relish

Can anyone help with other creative uses or tasty salad recipes with zucchini ?

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  1. I just made ratatouille last night. Delish!
    Leftover zuchinni prompts me to think of minestrone, but not this time of year ;-)

    1. Calabacitas! Don't steam the zucchini, just throw the slices in a dry skillet until about 3/4 done.

      1. Zucchini cakes with egg, bread crumbs, garlic, and parmesan.

        I like making a chunky pasta sauce with it too.

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          i make the cakes too, but with feta, and serve with a yogurt sauce.

          1. re: LaureltQ

            I assume you shred the zucchini first. I make a similar recipe but use equal parts shredded zucchini & parsnips, and omit the garlic. Add a bit of flour & some milk too.

            1. re: masha

              shred and wring it as dry as humanly possible.

          2. I saw a wonderful bread and butter pickle recipe using zucchini in the paper today that I can't wait to try.

            1. Try this...kind of a zucchini pesto

              Cut up you zucchini into thin rounds and saute in evoo with garlic, chile, parsley, S&P until soft.
              Hit it with a stick blender until somewhat smooth. Toss in a handful of pecorino, stir in and you're good.

              This is delicious slathered on bread, fish, chicken, or tossed with pasta as a sauce (just add a little of the boiling water when cooking to thin a bit).

              But usually if I have waaay too many zucchinis picked, I can them with mint, chile, oil and rosemary or sun dry them to re-hydrate later in the year when needed for a meal.