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Favorite Brand of Whole Wheat Pasta?

Just tried Barilla and thought it was excellent. In my grocery store they have a limited selection of types of whole wheat pasta. Any other brands to try? Thank you!

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  1. I like the brand available at Costco in Canada, called GrissPasta. The texture is excellent.

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      Barilla is excellent..never mushy

    2. Barilla! However, my wife of 51+ years with the Italian genes will have none of the whole grain stuff.

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        I'm with Mrs. ChiliDude. I still have some Garofalo whole wheat pasta that I purchased at a Costco in Arizona and it's not bad. I'm using it up in soups; if you simmer it long enough it becomes acceptable.

        But I've never found a whole wheat variety that snuggles up to sauce the way pasta should.

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          OK, I'll give you that. How about this situation? Mrs. ChiliDude (chili is too 'arrabbiata' for her) says that pasta con rigati tastes different than pasta senza rigati. Me, with my non-Italian genes, says that pasta of a given brand all tastes the same rigati or not. The rigati are there to make the salsa di pomodoro adhere to the pasta. Mrs. ChiliDude does not eat pasta con rigati.

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            There I must bow to Mrs. ChiliDude's superior knowledge. I had to Google "arrabbiata" and found its definition ("angry") accompanied by a picture of Lisa Simpson in a manic rage, which image will always come to mind when I put too much red pepper in my pasta sauce.

      2. We use Delallo and really enjoy it.

        1. Don't rule out the store brand without trying it. Here in MA, the Market Basket chain's store-label
          whole wheat pasta is better, I think, than Barilla, and of course cheaper. I am sure they don't manufacture their store brand themselves, so this pasta must appear under other names as well. At MB, the only shape choices are spaghetti and ziti. I haven't tried the latter since whole wheat pastas do tend to be gummy, especially in the tubular shapes. The spaghetti is NOT gummy or strong-tasting.

          1. Several years ago a friend who had been living in Italy for a few years made me try Bionaturae whole wheat pasta, and I've never looked back. It's more expensive but it's worth it to me -- I don't love other whole wheat pasta brands. Whole Foods carries the best selection of Bionaturae shapes I've seen, but they also have it in the natural foods section (because it's organic) of my local supermarkets. Don't know if yours will carry it if the selection is limited, but I recommend it if you see it!

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                I like Bionaturae, too. Can only find it at a local health foods store. It came out tops in a Cooks Illustrated taste test, and it was the only one of the top recommendations to actually be made of 100% whole wheat.

                All that said, I still go for regular pasta most of the time.

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                  I've never noticed this brand. Where do you buy it?

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                    i find it at a lot of grocery stores like Metro, Loblaws has the reg but i think some locations the whole wheat too. I'm pretty sure Grande Cheese and Johnvince carry it as well

                2. I like the Barilla Plus "whole-grain" as well.

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                    I buy the Barilla whole wheat pasta in the blue box.

                  2. The two of us, non-Italians by heritage, but lovers of spaghetti and the occasional other pasta dish, think that Barilla tastes fine. The difference between it and regular hard durum pasta seems quite small to me.You just cook it a little longer than you would with regular pasta.

                    1. I don't care for WW pasta - including Barilla (: However the Rummo brand imported from Italy made me a convert. Even my partner eats it! It's made from 100% durham semolina. Here in Vancouver I buy it at my local Chinese market!

                      1. DaisyM, if you are after a healthier alternative to white flour pasta, there are options other than whole wheat. I really like soba (buckwheat "spaghetti"), which has a nutty flavor and doesn't have the texture problems of whole wheat. I find that it holds its shape even if accidentally overcooked. Its cons are that it costs more, and is the color of putty. It's widely available in Asian markets and even some supermarkets, and of course there are less common spaghettis made of rice, spelt, and other grains.

                        1. Misura brand does a nice whole wheat pasta. FWIW, I don't eat regular "white" pasta, but I much prefer whole grain spelt to whole wheat. Not sure if you're looking specifically for whole wheat or perhaps just a regular pasta alternative. If the latter, spelt is a nice option.