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Aug 3, 2011 05:58 AM

Where to bulk buy canning tomatoes?

It's early August, meaning Jersey tomatoes are at their peak. We'd like to drive out to a farm in NJ or SE New York to buy a few cases of canning tomatoes this weekend. Any recommendations for a farm with a good tomato crop and reasonable prices (max $2.50/lb)? The farmer's markets in the city sell great tomatoes, but they're too expensive to buy big quantities.

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  1. Sorry, can't help you with any farms or pricing.....but Corrado's in Clifton does an annual bash for all canning equipment and supplies......... usually there are local beefsteak and plum tomatoes available by the bushel for $11-15 from past pricing...depending on the years crop.

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      Corrado's is DEFINITELY the answer.

    2. Arvin's on Rt. 22 has crates of tomatoes for canning, not sure of the prices.

      1. Check out the Paterson Farmer's Market district near Railroad Avenue - There are a number of wholesalers that sell by the case and prices are very good. Not the most scenic area, but the produce is incredibly fresh and ripe and perfect for canning.

        1. I'm going to suggest something very different. Instead of a mega-store or an urban market, how about an actual tomato farm? My favorite for canning tomatoes is Conte Farm, by the Red Lion circle in Tabernacle on Route 206. Here you'll find bushel baskets of them at low prices. Their phone number is 609 268 1010.

          This is the tip of the iceberg, down in Salem County, roadside stands with cheap canning tomatoes are one after another on the back roads. Tomatoes are an important crop here!

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            Should we consider the $20+ for gas and $25, + or -, for tolls.....:-0)

            1. re: fourunder

              This is a tough one! I would say "yes, but not by much." It all depends on where you live and how much tomato you buy.

            2. re: BrianYarvin

              Is this a pick your own deal, or are they already picked?

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                Generally they are already picked, and a lot of farm stands are picky about taking them by the basket instead of picking and choosing the exact tomatoes you want.

                That said, we have awesome tomatoes down in Salem/Gloucester County :) I'd be hitting every farmstand around here myself buy my 50 plants are finally producing and I need to get canning soon myself!

            3. Call Dreyer's Farm in Cranford and ask them