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El Taco Riendo, Central Av. NE

Anyone, anyone? I just noticed it-- one door down from Sen Yai Sen Lek, presenting quite a dining dilemma on just this one block of Central.
We had just consumed an enormous amount of delicious Thai and then I saw someone walk past on the street eating Elote, the looks of which made me swoon. The sandwich board out front said "corn on the cob, $2. If I had not been so stuffed we would have walked right in for second dinner.

What say you, 'hounders?

Sen Yai Sen Lek
2422 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

El Taco Riendo
2416 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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  1. Go. The food is always great, fresh, and cheap. The owner is always there to greet you and help with any questions.

    Highly recommended.

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      Ditto. Used to eat there a couple of times a month. Super authentic tacos. Don't be put off by the microwave behind the counter. All the sauces are homemade, but they micro stuff like enchiladas after they sauce them. Very clean. Cheap good chow. Highly recommend!

    2. Thanks friends! I am adding it to the list. Central NE seems to be off the hook with good things to eat these days. Even better that it still seems to be flying below the hipster radar. Or better from my point of view, but I suppose I suppose these great and unassuming places would love to have the level of business and higher profile nearer NE gets.
      I feel a Tha-i-can food hop in the works.

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        The Lowry/Central part of NE is still below the hipster radar and full of great ethnic chow. Once you get down to 13th/Uni area and further south, all bets are off.

        Side note: if you've not been to Chimborazo (29th/Central), make that a destination as well.

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          I was NE before any of NE was anything other than the secret place to buy booze on a Sunday. Back when E. Hennepin was just a bunch of decrepit, stinky empty buildings and a cat shelter, so I'm glad to see that 20's stretch of Central finally getting back to something. And to something interesting. I hope it can walk the line between vibrant yet small enough not to succumb to the corporatizing. Bletch.

          I HAVE been to Chimborazo...it was excellent and I've been thinking about going back ever since. It probably would have been next up in rotation if I hadn't noticed the taqueria.
          Soon. Very soon.

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            "I was NE before any of NE was anything other than the secret place to buy booze on a Sunday. "

            Is it still?

      2. oh this place is great!!! and super affordable.

        There was one week where I ate their lengua taco like four nights in a row. their hot salsa is pretty darn tasty! it's very addicting.

        1. Yep, go for it. It's a nice little mom and pop with a real low key, friendly vibe. I've eaten there a lot, always liked everything. Have a burrito there and you'll wonder why anyone bothers to with Chipotle.

          1. Love that place. I'd skip the sopes (the ones I had a few months back came out of a bag rather than being made from fresh masa) but everything else I've had was great. They are super-nice people and the tacos are delicious.

            1. At El Taco Riendo, it's not just taco's. The burrito's are pretty terrific too.

              El Taco Riendo
              2416 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

              1. Thanks for the recommendation chowhounders. Had dinner there tonight and it was good! Delicious lengua tacos and the carnitas are so good! The burritos are huge. Great place for authentic Mexican.

                1. Wow. Y'all are right. That place is good.
                  nachos and tostadas--give'em a try.

                  1. I made it over there for dinner last night. I can vouch for the meat-festish torta, pastor burrito and chicken chimichanga all being excellent. The were out of corn on the cob for elote, so I'll need to go back to score some of that ASAP. I'd be back soon anyway. My only wish is for real guacamole vs. the dreaded "green guck" they're serving presently.

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                      They also have tortas the size of station wagons. I shudder to think what the "torta for three" looks like.

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                        It's about 24" x 9" x 3.5", just massive. First few bites are great, falls off quickly, bread can't quite hold up. Want to try their other offerings.