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Aug 2, 2011 09:35 PM

Cafe Bunn Mi (Inner Richmond), SF

Anyone try the new Cafe Bunn Mi on Clement (Inner Richmond), SF?

Cafe Bunn Mi
417 Clement St (Between 5th & 6th)
Ph: (415) 668-8908
Hrs: Daily 9-9, Cash Only

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  1. I was there (by chance) the day they opened. Good: very fresh high quality ingredients. Bad: to skimpy on the fillings setting the balance off. For some reason it didn't register that I was trying a new place and I didn't pay more attention to write a better review.

    Lots of interesting/nonstandard Banh mi on the menun as well as some other items. I think I'll go back to try it again.


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    1. re: boris_qd

      I know you said you didn't pay full attention but do you remember any of the interesting/nonstandard fillings? We have yet to sample banh mi in the Bay area and I tend to prefer the ones like the marinated pork "sausage" and so on to the standard dac biet offering.

      1. re: grayelf

        a few non-standard that they have are fried chicken, fried duck, & fish

        haven't been so can't comment on them.

        1. re: drewskiSF

          I tried the fried duck bahn mi today. It was ok, not the succulent bit of duck I was hoping for. The duck is fried so it doesn't have the level of flavor a roasted duck has. The roll was good and the carrots, daikon, onion, cilantro and jalapenos were plentiful.

          I also ordered the imperial rolls. They were under fried so the outer wrapping was tough and took away from the experience. The rolls were served with rice noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, mint and some lettuce which was nice. After trying the imperial rolls wrapped with all the extra ingredients, I gave up on the rolls, poured the dipping sauce on the noodles and veggies and had a nice salad.

          I will go back to try the more conventional meats before giving up, but wont order the imperial roll ever again.

          I will truly miss the spicy fries from Java.

        2. re: grayelf

          drewskiSF's comments are what I remember as well. I also haven't tried those items. If you're going to do an SF/Bay Area Banh Mi tasting at this point there are many other choices and unless something changes I would skip this place (the nearby little vietnam cafe, while slipping, is still probably better).

        3. re: boris_qd

          Also, I'm not usually a big atmosphere guy but I kind of liked the modern asian look in the place.

        4. I've gone there three times in the past week I've loved this place so much. More expensive than Saigon Sandwich shop but sandwiches are very interesting. I had the pork belly which had the unctuous mouth feel of melting fat and is my favorite. The crispy duck had very crispy skin yet juicy and not dried out meat. The breads are baked on site daily and the sandwiches are best eaten warm. Sometimes the bread at Saigon Sandwich is tough, not at Cafe Bunn Mi. I should try the combination pork so I have a direct apples to apples comparison with Saigon Sandwich but I'm so enamored of the pork belly sandwich and I can't not order it. The fruit slushes are made to order and the watermelon one was great. They even have durian shakes.

          Nice clean and modern interior with places to sit (so that is a plus over Saigon Sandwich) but it can get VERY crowded. I go on off hours so I can sit down, otherwise I order a to go sandwich and eat on the way back to my car. I can't even wait to sit in the car to start on the sandwich!

          Saigon Sandwich Shop
          560 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102