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Aug 2, 2011 09:08 PM


I feel so #@%*%$#@ stupid..... I have been working with Jalepenos - sliced 5 of them - took out most of the ribs and seeds - I have worked with them before and have never had this reaction - I can't imagine they are anything but jalepenos - my nose is running like crazy - without my even feeling it - the bridge under my nose is burning up - I had been coughing so much I was worried about choking this seems to have subsided. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!!!

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  1. LEAVE THE AREA THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WORKING IN - the oils and fumes are in the air.

    Take a shower - do not touch your hands to your eyes. Soak and dab your hands - and your nose bridge - with full fat milk. It breaks down the volatile oils.

    If that doesn't work - sweetie, you need to get to the doctor asap!

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      smilingal: I hope everything's okay with you. Jalapenos, and other peppers can be almost totally tasteless and bland or fiery hot. I've chopped up some jalapenos which, when I tasted, were almost exactly like green bell peppers.

      This is such a usual occurrence - at various times of the year - that my Spanish teacher taught me to say "Los jalapenos estan blandos? Caliente?"

    2. Dawn dish detergent is the best thing to take capsicum off skin and mucus membranes (I was a law enforcement instructor in that area), including eyes. If that sounds too painful (which if it's bad enough you'll do anything to get it to stop), baby shampoo and sugar combined also works. Milk works if you've got it in your mouth. But no matter what you use, be sure to clean thoroughly. If not, the next time you get sweat, you will burn again (seen it!)

      1. thanks for your suggestions. I did drink some milk and washed hands and face a few times with soap. The best thing was eventually, after settling down, being able to fall asleep. This morning my face isn't burning but my fingertips still are slightly. That was a wild experience, frightening and painful. One that will surely teach a lesson. GLOVES!

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          ouch been there. If I don't have any gloves I put my hands inside plastic bags.

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            Glad it's better--a little aloe will help the fingers feel better.

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              I've had a similar problem, and looked it up online when my fingers were still burning several hours later. I'd soaked in milk and yoghurt, washed with different soaps and dishwashing soap and even toothpaste (desperation!). One recommendation online was to use lemon juice, as the acid neutralises the burn. So I cut up a lemon and squeezed with/onto my hands. It worked!

            2. Be sure you're not standing over the sink if you put the remains down the disposal!

              1. Glad you're feeling better!
                Whatever you do, do NOT touch your eyes or nasty bits ;-)

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                  or your cat's face.

                  in the past, but ho, my poor little guy!