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Aug 2, 2011 05:20 PM

Restaurant recommendation for smallish group

I am looking for a place to host a group of 10 adults (with 3 -4 small tots), and am looking for some suggestions for restaurants that 1) be able to accommodate such a group at such short notice 2) could put us in our own room (not mandatory) and will be very good 3) needn't be expensive, just very good.

Half of our group is coming from San Francisco, the rest live on the East Coast.

Thanks for any suggestions!
No dietary or cuisine restrictions. The group likes pretty much all cuisines and is international themselves.


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  1. When is this for?
    How old are the tots?
    What is your budget (remember to consider tax, tip, and drinks)? "needn't be expensive" means vastly different things to different people.

    1. 1)Short notice? Um, When is it?
      2) how much do you want to pay?
      3) which meal?
      4) Which area of the city?

      This is a city of THOUSANDS of restaurants The more details you provide, the better suggestions you will receive.

      1. Seems I left out a few details. Date for the dinner: Thursday August 25th.
        Little ones: 5yr, 4yr, 10 months and 4 months.
        Area of city...doesn't matter...midtown, East or West Village. (venue is more important than neighborhood - as long as it is accessible by taxi, subway or has valet or nearby parking)
        Cost: mid range ? $75 / pp (dinner) of course drinks will run us more. It's a 40th birthday party. Coming from SF we can get a good meal without having to spend lots...its more abt a good meal and being together, than impressing someone. Most of the crowd is Indian, so we'd probably stay away from an Indian (or Pakistani rest for that matter! :) restaurant.