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Aug 2, 2011 05:00 PM

Bostons on the Beach - Delray - Closed for Renovations Aug->Oct

If you're planning to head to Bostons anytime soon... change your plans.

They closed this past weekend for about 3 months of total renovations.

They're gutting the place and redesigning the layout I hear.

Good, I always want to go to a place by the beach in Delray but Bostons was often too dark and dingy and the layout was a mess.

They've got a Facebook page, already loaded with photos.

Quote: "YES, all the memorabilia was saved, it will be cleaned, re framed, touched up and put right back up downstairs as room allows..YES..the TIKI BAR is being rebuilt whre the Bermuda Inn is currently(at least for a few more days!) don't be surprised if we are open waaaaaay under 90 days!!!"

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  1. wow. Do you think they really will re-open?

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    1. re: smartie

      Absolutely. This is no scribbled-sudden-sign-in-the-window "closed for renovations".

      Demo / Construction teams swooped in almost the minute they closed the doors, and there's already been huge progress. The entire front facade is now covered with two stories of scafolding, and the interior is pretty much gutted.

      Geez they almost could have filmed this for "Restaurant: Impossible" (by the way, a terrific show - much better than Dinner: Impossible, IMHO).

    2. I like the part about them taking over the Bermuda Inn next door for a new Tiki Bar.

      Please please please - I hope they model it after Guanabana's. Tropical Jungle paradise, live music, great happy hour drinks and menu that gets everyone in - and then they stick around for even more live music, food and drinks. Instant goldmine.

      1. Dingy and dark didn't quite seem like what a beach bar should be. Let's hope they remodel it correctly and make the live music area larger.

        1. Can't wait to see what they do. Hopefully they brighten it up but still keep it casual.

          I wonder if they have any plans to "renovate" the food.

          1. They are reopening tonight (6PM I believe).

            The main building down and up was completely gutted. Downstairs now a totally new layout. Stage on back wall instead of (duh) blocking ocean view in front. All the wierd interior walls, steps, mazes are gone. Did not see upstairs yet but from outside at night it looks very nice.

            The new outdoor area next door (old Bermuda Inn site) won't be done until appx December, as this was mostly used as a construction staging area and they're just starting on that now.

            All new menu of course - but looked to have similar bar offerings as previously and with Boston's angle of New England Seafood - Ipswich steamers, clam roll, lobster roll, etc.

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            1. re: CFByrne

              Did they keep the second floor outdoor deck?

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Not exactly. There is an outdoor area but it's more like it wraps around the outside of the second floor now as it faces South and East.

                So there's not the same big deck all just facing A1A and the Ocean...

                I'll really have to go upstairs and check it out to see how it works. At first glance it seems odd that they would actually make this smaller. But I could be wrong, or there could be some real good by non-obvious reason why they did it.

                And also we must keep in mind, it sounds like the entire Bermuda Inn lot will soon be all outdoor dining/drinking area. With any luck, they'll make it like Guanababa's or a casual version of Sundy House.

                1. re: CFByrne

                  I heard the Marriott bought Boston's OTB. Is that true?

                  1. re: freakerdude

                    > I heard the Marriott bought Boston's

                    I am not certain - but I think you are basically right. I believe there is the "Marriott" Corp, - and then groups of franchisees / licensees that run individual or groups of hotels.

                    I believe Boston's is now owned by one such group, Something Holdings Corp. It's possible this is the same group that holds the Delray Marriott and Residence Inn.

                    I heard staff talking about their pre-opening "corporate training". I also know at least one staffer previously worked at a "sister" hotel in New England.

                    All that said... the new ground floor is nice but there were some curious design decisions made IMHO. Not sure why the entire front is not open up to the ocean with sliding glass doors (ala Max's Harvest, City Oyster, The Office, Vic and Angelos, Burger Fi, Luna Rosa). Instead there's just 4 small windows looking out to the Atlantic once you get inside. Yes there's the outdoor dining area, but why not make it a seamless transition (subject to weather of course).

                    1. re: CFByrne

                      I think there's always been a sister operation in Boston, I used to be friends with one of the servers and I think I remember him telling me years back.

                      1. re: smartie

                        I THINK we MAY be confusing two entirely different things here...

                        Some "relative" of the previous Bostons owners who also had some sort of operation in Boston...

                        And the fact that a new hotel "holding" company that now owns Bostons, also has operations in New England (including Bar Harbor).

                        1. re: CFByrne

                          The "holding company" is Ocean Properites, Ltd.

              2. re: CFByrne

                Here's some pics of Boston's new remodel. One can now at least sit at the bar and look outside the new windows and actually SEE the beach/ocean!