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Aug 2, 2011 05:00 PM

Sushi in El Paso, TX

Hey guys.

New to ELP. Just wondering if there are any recommendations for legit sushi out here (prefer the west side, but am willing to drive around town). I'm sort of resigning myself to food court quality stuff, or those over-the-top rolls that seem to be trendy now. I'm more of a tekka don or sashimi and rice sort of guy.


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  1. The only two authentic (authentic as in japanese owned and are frequented by Japanese clientele) are makoto on the far east side and matsuharu on the northeast. Just to let you know, matsuharu is a small family owned restaurant ( looks run down but well worth it)and when they are slammed they are extremely slow. They have one cook, who is the owner's mother, but the japanese clientele that I have spoken to love her cooking.