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Aug 2, 2011 04:35 PM

Turkish menemen great jerk/roti and indian

Visiting for a week in Aug and have fallen in love with menemen, turkish eggs with feta and after some recs for chelsea and environs...i'm coming from canada and turkish g/f coming from London..seeking menemen for brekkie with great coffee, amazing jerk/roti and indian that isn't the bloody ripoff so so dawat..after london, i am spoiled for indian...seeking hidden gems.

stayin at the hotel indigo 127 west 28th....any good or great tips appreciated...especially including coffee, wine, indian, turkish, cuban, jamaican, vietnamese,...good bars or places you can actually smoke on a deck and eat decent food...i realise this is a new york heresy...but well indulge me. Our mayor is stupider than your mayor so please be kind.
i need a break !!!!

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  1. Will you be going to Brooklyn/Queens? Some of these [aggressively] specific requests are better answered there. You can post on the outerboroughs boards for great ideas.

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      nope primarily in manhattan...and i am canadian...we are sooo not agressive in asking for eggs..we are like the global wimps of asking for eggs....heck we even apologise to you lot that your dollar is worth less...oops did i say that...
      how very uncanadian eh