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Aug 2, 2011 04:19 PM

Hanover soup?

I recently tried Hanover brand canned soup - sort of accidentally, as it was on sale at a place that I think never carries it - and I was pleasantly surprised. Is it a national brand? Is it one of those "secret" better brands? Does everyone know about it except me?

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  1. Oh sorry, I though you wrote HANGover soup....

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        1. re: alitria

          Pho would do the job, but our version of hangover soup starts with a beef bone on the boil. Once a broth is made, tomato juice is added. If the particular hangover is severe, thats it, just a beef-based tomato broth to sip occasionally as the need arises. If the poison isn't too bad, we'd add a handful of dry pasta (anything small, like farfalle, elbow, etc). If its very mild, we'd add more than a handful of noodles, dehydrated vegetables, chopped onion/carrot.

    1. In the Boston area, the only Hanover items I ever notice are canned bean salad, canned German potato salad, and maybe sauerkraut. The canned salads are good. What flavor of soup did you try? The company is in Pennsylvania, and has outlet stores there and in NJ. .